Women’s Movement for Peace & Prosperity

Dec 2003

Chairperson, The Times of India Group, is the motivating force behind this Movement

Ms. Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar (Patron Trustee)
Former Mayor of Mumbai, Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar is a High Court Advocate and Chairperson of Maharashtra State Women’s Commission. Her focus lies in implementing Government Schemes specially formulated for Women and Children in Maharashtra.
E-Mail: mahilaayog@vsnl.net
Ms. Maya Shahani (Chairperson Emeritus & Founder Trustee, WMPP)Chairperson, Sage Foundationwww.TheSageFoundation.com As a Board member of 22 leading Educational Institutes in Mumbai, Maya has focused her attention on bringing about a Holistic Approach to Education. WMPP and Shahani Trust is providing support to a number of under privileged children in Maharashtra.
E-Mail: maya@shahanigroup.com
 Ms. Shakun Narain Kimatrai (Chairperson and Founder Trustee)
Is a known Spiritual Scholar, Author and has an active website called ShakunKimatrai.com She believes that Spiritual Enlightenment will go a long way in bringing about Peace and Prosperity for Humankind. She actively promotes Gems of All religions in Schools, Clubs, Colleges and Business Houses.Shakun’s Bio-data 
E-Mail: shakun.narain@gmail.com
   Mr. Ram Maheshwary (Managing Trustee, Founder Trustee)
A Gold Medalist in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, he is the General Manager of Times of India, Mumbai. He focuses on the overall development of the Movement.
E-Mail : ram.maheshwary@timesgroup.com  
  Dr. Zeenat Shaukat Ali (Vice Chairperson and Founder Trustee)
Dr. Zeenat Ali is a professor of Islamic Studies at St Xaviers College, Mumbai, and is a known international scholar on the subject of Islam and high status granted to Islamic Women in the Quran.
E-Mail: ali_zeenat@hotmail.com  
  Ms. Leena Prabhoo (Secretary General and Founder Trustee.)
Provides strategic action plans for the Movement, has written the Preamble for Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity and is actively promoting Rural Development and Good Governance. Provides Online Emotional Counseling on her website http://www.write2god.com
E-Mail: leena@write2god.com  
  Sri Pavitra (Trustee)
Sri Pavitra is a 23-year-old Brahmacharini of the Golden Age Foundation. She is a highly spiritual person with a keen intellect and a compassion for humanity.
E-Mail: pavitraji@indiatimes.com
  Brahma Kumari Meera (Trustee)
B K Meeraji is the the director of ‘Brahma Kumaris Santacruz Centre’ and its associated branches in Mumbai. She joined the institution of Bhrama kumaris in 1963.
E-Mail: bkmeera@vsnl.com
  Mr. Joe Rodrigues (Trustee)(He has since resigned)
Mr. Joseph.B.Rodrigues, better known as Joe, is Director of Breakthrough Communication Services Pvt. Ltd. He has a rich and varied experience of conducting Seminars all over India and other parts of the world for more than 20 years.
E-Mail : breaktru@bom3.vsnl.net.in 
  Ms. Vipula I Kadri (Trustee)(deceased)
A member of WIPSA (Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia), Vipula has invested more than 20 years in bettering the condition of Women in Rural India. She networks with more than 250 NGO’s nationally to promote protection of Girl Child.
 Regret to inform that she has passed on and left a void in the Movement. We shall miss her. 
  Ms. Anjali Raina (Trustee)
Currently a Director (Training) with Citibank India, Anjali is responsible for training, change management and communication. She is in the Bank’s management committee.
E-Mail: anjali.raina@citicrop.com
  Dr. Naina Athalye (Trustee)
Naina Athalye is Senior program officer at the Sophia Center for women’s Studies and Development, Sophia college. She has a PhD in psychology. She is a trainer and counselor.
E-Mail : nayantara_in@yahoo.com
  Ms. Sonal Sheth (Trustee)
Co-ordinator i-I (individual to Infinity)movement of Times Foundation. She organizes Spiritual & Self development courses for individuals and workshops for NGO’s to help broaden there vision, so that they can work more effectively in serving society.
E-Mail : sonal.sheth@timesgroup.com
  Ms. Aarti Hundalani (Trustee)
Aarti is an artist and a fashion designer, with extensive knowledge on spirituality and well-being. She has a deep interest in the medical field and does voluntary work at the Breach Candy Hospital and Times Foundation.
E-Mail : aartihundalani@hotmail.com
  Ms. Prema Iyer (Trustee)
Prema Iyer, Treasurer and Liaisons activities undertaken by WMPP and Times Foundation and Trustee of WMPP.
E-Mail : alamelu.iyer@timesgroup.com

4 0f the 5 Founder Trustees of WMPP

From left: Maya, Zeenat, Leena , Shakun

July  28th 2006

Three new trustees were added to the existing ones at a meeting held at the Times of India Building.

We welcome in alphabetical order:

Ms Basanti Roy, Divisional Secretary of SSC Board

Ms Mallika Oberoi– Chief Vocation Co-ordinator for Mother Centers.

She has been given the position of Chairperson to Jan Shikshan Sansthan Sponsored by Ministry of HRD, Government of India…Earlier the Chairperson was Ms Bilkis Latif.

Ms Pratima Rajan-

Department of Preventive & Rehabilitation Medicine



Health Co-ordinator for Mother Centers

Ms Sunita Godbole

Ms Uzma Naheed was appointed as Trustee for a period of 3 years from 13th September, 2008. The proposals were brought forward by Managing Trustee and supported by all Trustees present.

In the above photograph,(left) Uzma Naheed and myself at that the launch of IIWA (Iqra International Women Alliance) and the release of Dadi Nani ki Kahaani in Urdu.

Ms Sunita Godbole was appointed for a period of 3 years from 2008.

In the above photograph (centre) , from left: Ms Sunita Godbole with Shubha Raul

Ms Malika Oberoi was was appointed for a period of 3 years from 2008.

In the above photograph (right) Mailka (in blue outfit with Sunita and son, Maya at the bhandaara organized for Colaba Slum dwellers by Malika.

Above: A picture of some of the good people  from Times Foundation. Dec 2007

 WMPP is a Movement spearheaded by dedicated volunteers eager to promote peace and prosperity in the world.

WMPP and TF had a meeting of School Principals at Bal Bhavan to discuss expansion of Mother Centers.

In the picture above from left: Sonal, Prema, Aarti, Sunita, Basanti, Pratima, Mallika and Prajakta (5th Aug 2006)

Basanti Roy was appointed as Trustee for a period of 3 years from 13th September, 2008.

A picture and short announcement  appeared in The Mirror dated 6th Aug 2006

As the name suggests, WMPP is a movement, which was conceived under the umbrella of the Times of India Foundation.  It is initiated by Women in various fields to bring about peace and prosperity in these troubled times. The time has come for women to take the lead. I am not talking of Women’s liberation. In the Women’s Movement for Peace, we intend to take the men along with us. We, women have more compassion, more love and less of an ego. We have a keen sixth sense.

We know what and who is right and wrong and we are capable of swallowing our pride, for a greater good. On a lighter vein, I would like to quote what Alice Thomas Ellis has said: 

“Men were made for war. Without it they wandered greyly about, getting under the feet of the women, who were trying to organize the really important things of life “

Deepak Chopra states:

…Simplistic as it may sound, the male principle of aggression can only be healed by the feminine principle of nurturing and love…


Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity under the aegis of Times Foundation organizes Spiritual get-togethers at The Times of India Bldg, D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai, India.

The objective is to spread peace through Spiritual Upliftment. We invite Education Institutions, Political Parties, various organizations, families, individuals who if, and when inspired could spread the good word by making it available to their various organizations, parties, families, buildings, communities…


Activities Carried Out:

Workshop on Sufi Psychology (The Enneagram), January 4, 2003.

Happiness of Mind, Body and Soul, December 28, 2002

 Awakening your higher sacred Self’: One- day course, September 7, 2002

 A Musical Path to Spirituality

 Isha Yoga Programme

Workshop on Sufi Psychology (The Enneagram)

On Saturday, January 4, 2003 at 2.30 pm, Naina Athalye, (Sophia center for women’s studies and development) conducted a mini workshop on Sufi psychology (the Enneagram).

Women were encouraged to attend the workshop, which provided insights into spiritual and personality development. The Enneagram helps one find out what type of personality one belongs to. It is a wonderful tool to delve deep into one’s psyche and get back in touch with the child in us. Naina Athalye did a great job, and proposes to continue the workshop on a more intense level.

Happiness of Mind, Body and Soul, December 28, 2002

Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity met Mr. Arjan Advani (ex GM ICICI) on December 28, 2002.

Mr. Advani, who is also the chairman and founder of ‘Share Foundation’, Times of India building, he conducted a mini-workshop on the ‘happiness of mind, body and soul’, wherein he freely distributed happiness. Participants also learned various techniques to keep their mind and body healthy. They also learned the ancient art of Sujok to keep them healthy.

Awakening your higher scared Self’: One- day course, September 7, 2002

Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity along with Media Moves organized a day- long course on ‘Awakening your higher sacred Self’, conducted by The Golden Age Foundation on September 7, 2002.

It has been observed that the root cause for all problems is the alienation from one’s own- self. The mission of the Golden Age Foundation is to bring about a profound change in women by awakening them to their own inner potential, so that they can play a crucial role in uplifting the family and in turn the society. The course covered the following subject:

• Esoteric principles revealed by Sri Kalki
• Powerful meditation techniques to awaken your spiritual energies

• Opening the mystical dimension
• Holistic healing of the mind, body and spirit
• Discovering a communion with your higher sacred self
• Experiencing higher states of consciousness like bliss and love

A Musical Path to Spirituality

Shakun Narain gave a talk on ‘A Musical Path to Spirituality’, on January 11, 2003.

On this occasion Mr. Chandru Atma, the recipient of The Golden Voice Award enthralled the audience with his mellifluous voice that transported listeners to a by-gone era that of Saigal. According to Ms. Shakun, “There are two types of sound: Anahata, the unheard sound and Ahata. The Vedas believe that the planets move or stand on the balance of sound. Om was the first spiritual sound gifted to mankind. Music is called Ahata. Sensitive people, who created man-made music, got the notes from birds, animals and nature. Music brings us closer to Divinity.”

Isha Yoga Programme

An Introductory Session was organized on January 18, 2003. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev had designed the programme, which according to him was not to be learned, but experienced. It didn’t require a change of lifestyle, belief or religion.Inagural activities of WMPP:

Peace March-Azad Maidan, Mumbai May 11,2004

Kavita Khanna at theWorkshop for strategy formation

There are various Methodologies that

WMPP has adopted to realize its vision:


Seminar in Lonavla on Quality Education

Women Empowerment

Career option for urban women (Banking)


Communal Harmony

Good Governance

Spiritual Upliftment

Health Welfare and Population

Spiritual Upliftment

Promotes Gems of All Religions and Value Education in Schools, Colleges and various communities. People need to look within themselves and listen to their conscience. They need to clear their hearts of hate, desire, mistrust and make way for compassion, unity and peace within their families and communities.

THE VISION by Shakun Narain:

‘My vision extends beyond the horizon. Along with my set of good speakers I need to spread the concept of Spirituality to schools, colleges, corporates and to our next-door neighbors. We are working on a workshop ‘Gems of all Faiths’, whose aim is to highlight the similarities of Religions. We are planning on an inter-collegiate essay competition, which will encourage students to delve deeper into their beliefs, and celebrate the similarities of faiths! I have released a book ‘Dadi Nani ki kahaani’ which will educate the citizens of tomorrow with the same message: That all Religions teach love, and that we need to reach out to one another, to preserve the planet that we live in. We need your hand, to help us follow the dream! The dream that we must turn into reality!’


Speaking at the Rotary Clubs on ‘Gems of Faiths’

Women’s Movement’s activities,

Move with us for peace sake!

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It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.

It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.


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