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(SNDT, 7th to 10th November 2008)

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IIWA conference pic

Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity supports it. One of the purposes of IIWA is to highlight the right way to interpret the Quran.

Women believe that there has to be spiritual an material progress, empowerment an elightenment…We hope to receive not only principled but active support of every corner of the civil society in this ambitious and noble endeavour.

Dadi Nani Ki Kahani in Urdu released by Dr. Abidullah Ghazi (Director IQRA)
My “DADI NANI KI KAHAANI” in URDU was released by Dr. Abidullah Ghazi (Director  IQRA), who strongly supports inter religious learning…

Dadi Nani ki Kahaani (Urdu Version)


Uzma Naheed

President IQRA Foundation (Asia Chapter)

I gave a quick look  at Shakun’s book: ‘Dadi Nani ki Kahaani’

It is a small book of a little over 100 pages containing interesting inspiring stories that remind me of petals strewn on a serving dish.

Stories in ‘Dadi Nani ki Kahaani speak about spiritual personalities. They expound the philosophy and faith, which represent various religions thoughts and beliefs, in a very simple and attractive manner.

 The moral of each story is that every faith teaches human understanding and respect for one another.

 The aim of these stories is to instill love in the minds of those whose mind has been tainted with thoughts of hatred by those, whose aim is to bring dissent withincommunities.

 Evil is capturing good human values.

People of different religions are fostering hatred towards one another.

Now it is necessary that this mischief is halted and diverse people from different religions come to understand one another and open a door of harmony between various religions so that people learn to respect one another’s beliefs.

For the above predicament Shakun has found a solution.

She has found a way, so that the young, who are a ray of hope for tomorrow’s world have the right understanding of the direction towards love and peace.

Shakun has used her God given ability and given the philosophy of various religions the form of stories.

These stories develop human values which will greatly influence young minds. They will also be useful in building the character of children and there is a great possibility that the coming generations will go beyond barriers of misunderstanding religions.

These children will become the torch bearers of humanity.

I congratulate Shakun on behalf of workers of Iqra Education Foundation and Iqra International Women Alliance for taking this successful step towards harmony within religions. This will result in the coming generation putting the right foundation to a society which will destroy hatred and division.

In this new society formed there will be people who will believe in God, love one another…The people will be spiritual and Peace and harmony will reign. Quarrels and riots will be destroyed. No one will lose their life due to religious misunderstandings…Women will not be widowed nor children orphaned!

Now let us place the foundation stone towards the monument of understanding one another and living in peace!

Uzma Naheed

Mrs. Shakun Kimatrai (Chairperon WMPP)

Myself, Chairperson of Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity, speaking ‘Women to Women’ A message of Peace. Some of the points I touched upon:

Do not say you are just a housewife. You are a mother and as such the future and the future leaders depend on what values you instill in them.

We have only one home called Earth and if we are going to destroy it, where are we going to go? What will happen to our children?

Look around you as to what is happening to the world. Dropping bombs on the Innocent…Can any religion condone that?
Why is’nt the woman speaking out?
We cannot remain silent spectators..
Where is her voice?
Why has it been stifled?
It must speak.
She must become empowered through education, interaction in every field…
The Compassion in a woman has to be set free.
It has been encaged for too long.
That is one of the only solutions that I see to bring about peace.
Only the religion of Love and Compassion must prevail.
Gandhi said an eye for an eye will make the world blind…Many many more
Women have so much shakti.
Only one thing wrong in a woman
She does not know her own worth.
We are mothers sisters wives daughters
We understand each others pain
We are beyond Hindu Muslim Christian…

You may get the feeling I negate the role of man.
That is not the intention.
A man has enjoyed centre stage for so very long. I only ask him to sit in the audience for a while and listen to the Voice of a Woman which has been silenced for so many years…Feel the compassion and the Love that resides in our heart…and the dormant Spirit which wants to walk hand in hand with man!

…Spirituality is not about finding God, it’s more about releasing the innate God (or the goodness) in you through your deeds in day to-day actions…

How do we connect?
By getting to know one another.
We will then realize that we are all the same, under the make up.
We all belong to the human race, and the planet is the only home we know and share.
I believe that if one is sincere and feels truly about something, one produces ripples, which will reach everywhere. This light can eradicate darkness.
I truly believe:
Ishwar Allah Wahguru Chaahey kaho Sri Ram
Maalik sabka ek hai, alag alag hain naam
Geeta Bible ya ho Quraan
Maalik ka hai sab mein gyaan
Sab ka maalik sadaa banaata
Sabkey bigdey kaam
Maalik sabka ek hai alag alag hain naam

Uzma Naheed (President IQRA Foundation)
Uzma Naheed, President IQRA Foundation (Asia Chapter) felicitating and welcoming Dr Tasneema Qazi (Director IQRA) a charming lovable highly knowledgeable lady. She alongside her husband works on Inter religious dialogue, Liaison of Madrasas to Modern Education.

Uzma Nahid and myself. We have been meeting for years and we interact to understand and agree to disagree. She tells me that she was inspired by the concept of ‘Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity'(She is now a trustee of WMPP)and has now formed IIWA IQRA International Women Alliance.

Brahma Kumari Neenaben
Brahma Kumari Neenaben, told us about the BrahmaKumari Organization. It was founded in Hyderabad Sind, now in Pakistan and is run by women.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University acknowledges the intrinsic goodness of all people. They teach a practical method of meditation that helps individuals understand their inner strengths and values.

Brahmakumaris are committed to spiritual growth and personal transformation, believing them essential in creating a peaceful and just world.

Neenaben guided us through a beautiful meditation and had all feeling and exuding peace!

Neenaben, Uzma Naheed, Myself, Asma Aijaz (Manager- Women Affairs)
Neenaben, Uzma Naheed, Myself, Asma Aijaz (Manager- Women Affairs)

Some interesting points:

We also had Bela Das who made some interesting points:

Amongst Chimpanzees when rivals fight, the female chimpanzee takes away the stones from the male partners and try to bring them together.

IQRA and its associates had organized a discussion on:
Quraan and Vedas…Kitnee door kitney paas?

Observation: Savaal yeh naheen ki Quraan aur Veda… Kitnee door kitney paas? 
Mussalmaan kitnee door Quraan se aur Hindu kitnee door Veda se

November 26 2008

Terror struck at CST Nariman House Oberoi Taj

I wrote on my blog:

I have lived in Mumbai for most part of my life…Experiencing the ongoing drama that is holding the whole of Bombay hostage! My heart cries…It is time that we all convert to becoming humans…to the religion of humanity….because these acts prove otherwise…Oh God! be with the people who are going through this trauma…held hostage through no fault of theirs…

Above: My bhabhi (maternal cousin brother’s wife) Jyoti Nanik and myself immediately after she was rescued from the Trident where she was in a room with her daughter for 2 stressful nights…but does she not look calm? It is because of the amount of meditation that she does and the faith that she has! She survived, ‘food wise’ on badaams that I had sent her for Diwali and biscuits her husband had got for her…Goes to say that one must accept with gratitude whatever gifts comes ones way…the Universe has it all planned out when it will be handy!

My son’s inlaws were having dinner but were rescued before the major drama began…

My other bhabhi (paternal cousin brother’s wife) Reshma Sanju Khiani was rescued…She had tremendous presence of mind…She kept shouting for help, though she was injured by sharpnels until she was rescued from the Oberoi…She had to undergo surgery, but is now stable…

My children’s 2 couple friends succumbed and gave their life leaving young children and aged parents behind…My heart and prayers go out to them.

I am angry, and hurting, but shall be using that energy to pray for the departed and those left behind…then I shall help/lead a constructive campaign that halts such heinous senseless crimes!

 Random thoughts this monday morning

World is angry but Bombay is livid…we must maintain that anger until it gets converted into right action…Let us go on with our life but let us not forget…The politicians are doing nothing…I personally feel that at least Bombay is running because of committed Industrialists and NGOs so then why should we pay our taxes…Industrialists spoke about not paying Advance taxes on tv yesterday…Go for your vote show your presence get your mark on your finger but do not vote… I dont know all the answers…Oh yes I am happy that this time the anger is at the politicians and not to innocent people of different caste or creed…Take care be safe think logically the worst terrorist is the one who brainwashes you to believe in only one way…If your thoughts are towards peace and love and you take the right action towards it…I think it is right…I believe in non co-operation until we see that things are moving in the right direction…Hatred of any kind is political in nature…Let us have one day a month in which to show that we citizens are united…the easiest way would be to wear a certain colour on a certain day of week/month…and have candle vigil at Gateway/Shivaji Park/ and/or any other garden around Bombay…If the media, industrialists, people opinion is together we can achieve the impossible…and nothing is impossible we just have to believe and persevere!

Above: with a group of youngsters near the Gateway. The T shirts say: Enough is enough!

After sitting at home and watching tv…I felt I needed to do something. There were mixed reports about the Citizen candle get-together that was to be held at the Gateway of India. Some said it may be a ploy for terrorists to attack again. When I do not know what to do, I do nothing so I waited. My friend called and said if I wanted to do something that evening. That was the cue. I said yes, let us go to Leopold and Gateway.
My God, the people present at the Gateway.Over a lakh definitely. They were angry but contained.I think I may have been part of History. This kind of choice of ‘removing blinkers and take action’ was seen during our Independance. Today we are better equipped with computers, mobile phones… I repeat ad nauseum that this ‘umang’ to do something, which has to be constructive…does not die down! But it seems that, it may not! I had a Geeta class which I conduct for the young…and I said that maybe the death of so many young ones and old, was not in vain. It was a call to awaken! Dear God grant those gone, peace, those left behind strength…and the citizens a way lit up in the right direction!

Above: Me at the Leopold restaurant. Look under the frame. You will see the mark that the AK47 and terrorists left…chilling!
But what was heart warming was that the restaurant was full! No fear!

Like Kunal Merchant say: Even though the entire country has been victimised, the terrorists have failed because we are alive and we shall hold a kindled flame of hope. Just like it took some of the terrorists to victimise an entire country, it will take some of us to destroy their disease


Held Mantra Chanting and prayer meetings for Victims and ‘those left behind to cope’ on Monday 1st of December at Ishwar Bhavan Temple

Spoke on trauma and how to deal with it at my ‘Young Ladies Geeta Class’ on Thursday, 4th of December


Jan 14th 2009

Held a Sankranti celebration with bhajan kirtan at the Hundalani temple…gave in charity to the under priviledged.

Had a meeting at ShantiVan. Deepa Kodikal explained various techniques of mediation and how to be in a meditative state at all times

Ek baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho, baar baar dekho hamari Maya Shahani Bill Clinton ke saath!
Maya Shahani I am proud to state is the Chairperson Emeritus of Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity (WMPP)…But there is so much more to this gracious grateful who has won the title of ‘Beauty Queen’

Maya Shahani, is also the Chairperson of SAGE Foundation.
SAGE Foundation receives recognition at the Clinton Global Initiative in Hong Kong, China
Maya Shahani was recently invited to be part of the Clinton Global Initiative established by former President Bill Clinton. This initiative, aims to turn pioneering ideas into viable solutions to urgent global challenges, bringing together international leaders from government, the private sector, NGOs, the media, and academia to make “Commitments to Action” that impact lives around the world.

Bill Clinton issued a certificate of recognition to SAGE Foundation for its commitment to create a self sustaining model village near Mumbai, which could be replicated anywhere in the world.

About SAGE Foundation (www.TheSageFoundation.com)
contact press@clintonglobalinitiative.org.The English third  Edition of Dadi Nani ki Kahaani has been released. The book is sponsored by Mr Ramchand Pohoomal of Pohoomal Worldwide Exports Pvt Ltd. Today, the 27th of Feb  I, Shakun went to the Pre-Primary  Cathedral school and gave my books to the Primary Teachers.

Feb 27th 2009

Picture on left: Ms Amla Ruia imparts values to the children of Pre-Primary Cathedral school while I gave my Dadi Nani ki Kahaani to the teachers of the above mentioned school. They would like me to speak in the school as they are celebrating the Granny year.

Picture on right: Our Kirtan group of over 30 years.

We had a Holi Kirtan on the 9th of March 09. Spoke about the importance of voting and reviving our Sindhi Culture and Language.

March 28, 2009

We celebrated Cheti Chand and also Our Wedding Anniversary as it happened to fall on the same day. I invited Mona Patel Shah who is standing for elections from the Professionals Party of India to tell us about herself and her ideology. www.ppi.net.in2nd April 2009

Was invited by charming Tasneem Kalsekar (Cultural Affairs Specialist, The American Center, American Consulate General) to a luncheon in honour of Ms Sadia Shepard,(pretty girl in red top) Author of ‘The Girl from Foreign’

Sadia lectures frequently about growing up in a home with a Muslim mother, Christian father and Jewish grandmother; the history of India’s Jewish communities; the Partition of India; and the craft of autobiographical writing. She is currently at work on her second book.

Sadia Shepard is a documentary filmmaker and writer based in New York City. In 2001, she left New York for Bombay on a Fulbright Scholarship, her goal to try to understand the history and future of the tiny Indian Jewish community that her grandmother was born into and left to marry her Muslim grandfather. Sadia spent nearly two years recording her experiences in film, video and writing, which became the basis of her first book, The Girl from Foreign.

3rd April 2009

Above 9From right) the Honourable Sheriff Ms Indu Shahani and myself

Invited Ms Indu Shahani to speak at the ‘Celebrating Life’ group on the 3rd of April 2009 at the Malabar Hill Club.
Everyone knows that Indu has been an exceptional Sheriff and as such her term has been extended by a year! You can know a lot about her and her achievements if you google her name…so I am going to tell you what you probably do not know.
I have known Indu since she was a young girl and we grew Spiritually together until I got married…We moved on with our lives, but we kept in touch with each others lives…I am proud of her but not surprised at her success. She has always been efficient, persevering and pleasant!Lately when I called her for her participation for a good cause, she responded immediately and that added an extra feather in her cap: ‘Lack of ego and a passion to do good!
May God and Ma bless you always!
To read about Ma Brij Mohini, Indu’s and my Spiritual Guide,

2nd May 2009

Ms Sunita Godbole (Trustee WMPP) has always followed her heart and done what she believes to be right irrespective of what the various political parties believe.

Ms Sunita along with other pool members and locals opposed the BMC’s move for developement of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Olympic Pool at Shivaji Park…They believe that it is a disguised effort to privatise the prime property…

Full article and photo in DNA Mumbai, 5th page, May 2nd 2009

May 4th 2009WMPP CRUSADER SUNITAWah again! Full report in ‘Mirror’ today, May 4th 2009... Residents oppose felling of 111 trees at BMC-run poolComplain to tree authority, question why trees at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool at Shivaji Park are being cut …
Godbole, the chief complainant, also pointed out in the letter to the tree authority that some trees that have the notice pasted on them are not actually mentioned in the notice. “For instance, tree number 6 is not on the list of trees proposed to be cut. They probably think that if they write several numbers on a notice and paste them on all trees, it will be presumed that there is permission to fell every tree with a notice and the contractor can then easily cut them,” she said… 

4th May 2009

A note from Maya Shahani, Chairperson SAGECongratulations Sunita. You not only help to plant trees, but you protect them too. I would like to share with my WMPP family that Sunita is helping me in planting thousands of trees. SAGE Foundation has tied up with PATT Foundation (www.patt.org) a global organization for tree plantations. Banks like Barclays Bank and Standard Chartered Bank are funding the tree plantations, and Times Foundation is also helping. SAGE Foundation is the implementing agency for tree plantations in India on behalf of PATT Foundation. Sunita and her brother (who owns a nursery) are supplying the saplings. Recently, at a very short notice of just a day, Sunita supplied us saplings for tree plantations in the Navy ground at Worli for planting mango and pomegranate trees. Sunita has also connected SAGE Foundation with the Yusuf Meherally Trust for getting us land in Panvel for  setting up the SAGE School of Creative Crafts. We went yesterday to see the land with Haresh Shah, Trustee of YM Trust. If all goes well we may start the SAGE Center from there. So a VERY BIG Thank you to you Sunita. You have kept the WMPP flag flying high !!! Maya

13th May 2009Meeting held at Maya Shahani Residence on 13th May 2009to celebrate the coming together of Sage, WMPP and Eager to B.  58 people attended,Members of Sage, WMPP and Eager to B.Some close Eager friends/family  to volunteer for the good work. Ms Maya Shahani spoke about Sage:www.thesagefoundation.com Ms Shakun Narain Kimatrai spoke about wmpp, click:http://www.dalsabzi.com/women_movement/wmpp_activities.htmhttp://www.dalsabzi.com/women_movement/wmpp_programs.htmhttp://www.dalsabzi.com/women_movement/women_intro.htmhttp://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd169/shacune/WMPPTIMES/  Ms Vimla Patil spoke about how we can bring ideas, projects to take the good work forward Ms Amla Ruia spoke about how we could help in the water harvesting and desilting  of Methi River… Shakun mentioned about the ‘Project Clean Vrindavan’ Mr Haresh Shah, Trustee of Yusuf Mehralli Trust, spoke about their various activities and said that they would help in setting the Sage School of Creative Crafts. Richard Alderson, Chairperson of UK based Co called ‘Unlimited’ which helps Social Entrpeneurs to succeed. Ms Uzma Naheed spoke about IQRA, IIWA (Iqra International Women Alliance)…She is trying to negotiate for land in Malad to help under resourced women in skill training…She holds exhibitions for their products… Various other attendees spoke briefly about their activities… Thanks were given to Ms Maya for hosting this wonderful event…Maya in turn thanked Shakun and team for helping organize the event and to all who enthusiastically attended.