Remembering Maa – Page Seven

Sapna was having her new house made and she wanted to have the land dug for a well. She wanted Ma to tell where the well water would sprout  from. Ma said to her, that when the ‘mandir’ was being constructed, she ‘saw’ so much water  coming from a certain spot and when the dug there, sure enough the water came. Ma added that now, her ‘seeing’ was not a conscious effort, and hence she could not say.

As I was leaving and did my ‘pranaam’ Ma touched my head and seemed to press down. I felt so blessed!

2 July 1993

Ma was saying that it was better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend. Ma asked what my opinion was. I said: “I would prefer a foolish friend as long as he was harmless.”

Ma said: “A foolish friend can do anything!”

Then she told us a story. There was a man who had 2 foolish friends. First son went to a condolence meeting and did not express his grief. The second son was briefed to repeat what other people were saying. So he told the bereaved: “Good thing that he died, the burden has lightened!”

Then the father went and apologised for his son’s behaviour. He said: “Sorry about my two sons. Next time you have a death in the family, I will come!”

It was Manju’s  birthday so she asked Ma for blessings. Ma said to her: “I pray that you love the Lord for the right reasons. You should know your priorities, and may you always love the Lord!”

Ma was speaking of the Guru Granth Sahib. There is a line that comes which goes like this: ‘Pat raakhan ko meri Wahguru‘, which implies: “You cover my faults”. In context with that line Ma said: “You put a curtain over me so that people don’t see my faults, and I am so foolish that I put a curtain between you and me!”

 Ma said that it was better TO BE than TO SEEM.


I said to Ma: “I feel depressed thinking, that despite knowing so much I cannot change.”

Ma got serious. She said: “One must not be depressed. That is an act of ingratitude to the Lord!” 

Then she added: “Actually , one does not want to change.” 

When trials come, your child is unwell or insolent, one gets agitated and cries to the Lord.”  I suppose that what Ma meant was, that when trials come in life. They are meant to teach and thereby bring about a change in us. However, we resist the trial and implore for it to pass, without learning what that test was trying to point to us. Hence Ma’s statement that we did not really want to change!

Ma used to often go into a ‘Bhav-Samaadhi’  I presume that one would have to experience the above state to be able to explain it. However I shall try.  In a “Bhav Samaadhi’ one enters into a different dimension. However one continues to communicate with the people present. But because one is ‘present’ in two places so to speak, what one talks seems disconnected. Ma asked: “How many people are here?”

Then she continued: “In 1949 I started to hear OM with each breath all the time and Meera told me, don’t tell anyone, and for a while the OM sound left me and I was desolate.”


It was GurPurnima.

I was wearing a Radha-Krishna pendant that my husband had gifted me. I showed it to Ma and she touched it. I asked her to bless it, meaning thereby that I wanted her to bless the pendant. But Ma naughtily said to me: ” I am not so foolish as to bless Krishna and RadhaRani. I am not so great!”  And she laughed and said: “I am not going to leave you, I will speak about this in the lecture. But she didn’t.

Ma said: “I have so much to give and “Log gaajar moolee ka daam lagaakar jaatey hain”  (People only ask for trivial things)

I said to Ma: “Gaajar moolee key  leeyey kahaan jaayen?”  (Where to go when we want trivial things?) 

Ma said: “Come to me! I will give you what you want so that you may want, what I want to give you!”


At the morning sat-sang, Ma said, there are 3 types of gurus.

  1. Like a consulting physician.  He tells you what is wrong, but does not follow up.
  2. Like a family doctor. He is concerned and he follows up.
  3. Like a hospital doctor. To who you totally surrender, and he takes full charge.

About ‘types of disciples’ Ma said: “There was once a lazy disciple. Since the roof was leaking, the guru told him to repair it. The lazy disciple said: “How can I stand higher than you?” (to repair the roof) The guru then said: “Go! Collect some dry twigs!”  The lazy disciple said: “How can I give you my back as I leave?”  When the food was ready, the Master told the disciple to come and eat.  The disciple said: “I have disobeyed you twice. Third time, I must listen”.

Ma then said: “Offer everything to the Lord!”

Then ever so truthfully added: “Sometimes I forget!”