What do you think? Sister, friend, humsafar?


Mirror Mirror on the wall

What’s the meaning of it all?

Isn’t there something more to life

Than to be a working wife? 

I’ve got a body and a soul

I’ve got a mind, I’ve got a goal;

I want to learn, I want to teach,

I want to earn, I want to reach.

I want to fly from my cocoon,

Put my footsteps on the moon;

I am not angry or rebelling,

But there’s something strong and compelling,

I can give the world so much

With my special female touch.

 Mrs Rehmat Fazelbhoy

Mrs Rehmat was one of the ladies who participated in the workshop, Women’s Movement for Peace, which was held on June 6,2002 at the Times of India, to figure out ways and means to bring about peace and prosperity.

I had the following to say:

 I am a woman.

And I always strive to keep my family together, to provide them with safety, to keep my children from fighting.

I understand emotions.

Maybe that is the reason why we say: ‘Vande Mataram’

 The time has come for women to take the lead.

 I am not talking of Women’s liberation.

 In the Women’s Movement for Peace, we intend to take the men along with us.

 We have more compassion, more love and less of an ego.

We have a keen sixth sense.

We know what and who is right and wrong and we are capable of swallowing our pride, for a greater good.

 So much for why a WOMEN’S movement!

But what does it mean to me?

 To me it means that initially, let all the good women connect.

The underworld connects because it has a common agenda: Greed for power and money.

We good women also have a common agenda now ‘Peace and Prosperity’

And that of ensuring a safe haven for our loved ones and ourselves.

 How do we connect?

 By getting to know one another.

We will then realize as Times of India puts it: That we are all the same, under the make up.

We all belong to the human race, and the planet is the only home we know and share.

 I believe that if one is sincere and feels truly about something, one produces ripples, which will reach everywhere. This light can eradicate darkness.

 To me, a Women’s Movement for Peace means that we women have to understand and connect with the peace that already exists within us. That is all!

That peace and love will touch everyone around us. And it will spread!

Nature and God will do the rest!

A thought

More women are pro-peace because they care about life!

Vandana Shiva