We Shall Overcome – 9/11

My heart is aching as I write this!

A lot of us gaped in horror as we witnessed a horrendous terrorist operation.

Everywhere one looks, one encounters uncertainty. For ones future, for ones well-being. Are we next? We must be asking ourselves. 

A friend asked me: “What do we do?” We have no choice but to Wait and Watch until the root cause is eradicated. We must Pray for the departed, and those left behind! And Be! And Live for the moment! And have Faith!

Someone dear has written to me: “How can you say faith is a wonderful thing – it is a terrible thing. The (suicidal) hijackers had faith in the fact that they would go to paradise by committing this crime”.

I believe that Faith is different from being an extremist. One has heard of the term ‘Blind Faith’ Real Faith never inflicts physical harm on anyone.

My guru once told me when I was going through a rough patch. She said: “You will have to change difficulties into opportunities. All will be well, you will see. Feel grief, not grievance!

Now, what does one do about the pain?

A situation of this magnitude, shakes us out of our stupor. Terrible things were happening constantly, yet we did not react to them the way we have to this tragedy!

It is Pain that wakes up one, from the slumber of the ages.

The consciousness wakes when one goes through a crisis!

All great souls awakened through pain!

A new life takes birth after going through agony!