Vastu Shanti Mantra

A Reader writes:

I am very soon going to move to my new house and want to know about Vastu shanti (as someone was telling me that all pundits cannot read mantras with correct “uchharana” (pronunciation)and so it will not be able to generate the required vibrations) ,I wanted to know how effective the yantras for the same are,and also one more thing can you provide me with the Vastu Shanti Mantra and also Nav Graha Shanti Mantra. I would be very grateful to you. 

My friend Rohini Gupta , a Mantra Scholar replies:

A havan in the new house is a very good idea. At least in India pandits have no problem pronouncing mantras ! Yantras are also very good, but will need to be energized first.

Om Vaastu purushaaya vidmahe

bhoomi putraaya dhimahi

tanno vaastu prachodayaat.

this is the vastu purush Gayitri.  good for vastu shanti.


GLOSSARY (Pronunciation)

A Like in ‘but’

Aa Like in ‘Far’

Ai Like in ‘hair’

Ey Like in Whey

I Like in ‘Pin’

Oo Like in ‘Shoot’

Oon ‘n’ has got a nasal sound.

U Like in ‘Put’


Sanskrit believes that the sound of the word never gets ruined and that it has an everlasting value.

Words in Sanskrit open out from their seed (beej) form.

A root is always a single syllable that contains one of the basic sounds a, I, u, ri

The root or seed may create a word, yet the word will vibrate to its best, and gives it tremendous power.

The Vedic or the Sanskrit view gives more importance to the special sound it should produce, than to the meaning of the spoken word.