Uddhav Geeta

Bhaagvad Geeta means the ‘The Song of the Lord’

The Geeta, which is mostly studied and read, is the Arjun Geeta. 

The latter is the one, that the Lord expounded on the battlefield, when Arjuna felt despondent about waging a war against his own kin.

The Udhav Geeta comprises of the wisdom imparted by the Guru of Gurus, Krishna to His dear friend Udhav, just before Krishna left the world in His Transcendental Body.

Udhav asked Krishna which Spiritual process, Krishna would recommend to achieve a perfect a life.

Krishna lovingly tells Uddhav, that:

  1. No one, not even His own Self, is as dear to Him.
  2. Krishna says that He purifies the material worlds with the dust of His devotees’ lotus feet. 
  3. Krishna then proceeds to explain to Uddhav, that sense gratifications are not the ultimate goal of man. 
  4. That the hunt of Material desires, generally land man into disquiet, as the fruits of these pursuits lead to unexpected unwanted destinations.

Therefore, the Blessed Lord urges that:

Man should fix his consciousness on the Lord.

Krishna says that:

  1. He who does not desire anything, (Be it an Empire on Earth or Heaven, Liberation from birth or death),
  2. controls his senses (Is equally unmoved by joy and sorrow), 
  3. shows mercy to all Creation, 

  finds happiness, that is impossible to achieve by those who are attached to the material world.

Krishna tells Uddhav that:

Even if a devotee is unable to conquer his senses, he will not be defeated, because;

  1. The Blessed Lord promises that just as a blazing fire turns firewood into ashes, so devotion, burns sins committed by His loved ones.
  2. In fact the Lord states that He is under the control of those who offer Him pure devotion.

Krishna explains to Uddhav that gold when melted , sheds its impurities, and returns to its brilliant state, similarly, the soul, when consumed by the fire of devotion, reaches Godhead!

Also when one applies ointment to a diseased eye, it recuperates and is able to perceive the world clearly, similarly when material contamination is removed from the consciousness, one is able to ‘see’ the Lord as ‘Sat-Chit-Aanand’ meaning THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH in ITS BLISSFUL CONSCIOUS FORM!

How Does one achieve that experience? By chanting the Lord’s Name and by hearing the narrations of HIS Glorious Life.

How does a devotee behave? Well according to the Blessed Lord: 

He cries, or laughs sometimes. He chokes (with emotion) while he speaks, His heart melts with love, He dances blissfully! He chants the Lord’s name and is cleansed of material impurities.

Dear Readers,

Those who are familiar with the dialogue of Krishna with Arjuna, will realize that the teachings are the same. Well, they are bound to be. The Truth never changes! Also Udhav was as dear a friend to Krishna as Arjuna was. A difference however is that Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna were aimed at Arjuna fighting the battle. Whereas to Uddhav there seems to be more of a plea that he (Uddhav) uses the gift of life in a gainful manner.

Krishna continues to explain to His dear friend Udhav:

The people who constantly think of the worldly objects that attract the senses, would naturally remain entangled (in the objects of desire and attraction)

Yet those who think of the Lord, would become pure and absorbed in Him.

Udhav asked Krishna, how he could meditate to achieve liberation.

Krishna explains:

  1. Sit on a seat which is neither too high nor too low.
  2. Keep the body straight.
  3. Place the hands on your lap.
  4. Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose.
  5. Practice Pranayaama (Breathing exercise that involves a conscious observation of breath)
  6. Beginning from the lowest Chakra (Mulaadhaara) situated at the base of the spine, move the breath upward, until you reach the Heart Chakra (Anaahata) where the Mantra ‘Om’ resides. There is a lotus flower, with eight petals situated within the heart. 
  7. One could meditate on the sun, moon and fire in sequence, within the lotus flower.
  8. Within the fire, one could meditate upon the Transcendental Form of the Lord.
    1. The Lord has 4 beautiful long, well proportioned arms.
    2. A beautiful neck, ears and forehead. 
    3. He wears shining shark-shaped earings.
    4. He carries a conchshell, disc and club and wears a garland of flowers.
    5. He wears a Glorious crown on His head, a golden belt on His hips, gorgeous bracelets on His arms and ankle bells on His feet.
    6. This Majestic Form is the color of a dark rain cloud and wears a golden-yellow silken garment.
    7. The Lord’s countenance is gentle and His face adorned by a pure merciful smile.
  9. Fix your mind on the Sound of Om and/or on the Transcendental Form of the Lord.
  10. One should then, pull the consciousness back from the Form of the Lord and concentrate on the Cheerful and Loving Smile of the Lord.
  11. Perform the above practice 10 times, every sunrise, noon and sunset.
  12. When one is ready, one must withdraw the consciousness from the beautiful countenance of the Lord and fix it in the sky.
  13. Finally one must establish oneself in the Lord and give up the practice of meditation altogether.

The reason being that, by then, the individual and the Lord are as united as the Sun Rays and the Sun.

Thus Spake Krishna in the Uddhav Geeta.