Tum Thaakur

Guru Nanak was a mystic. A mystic is one who finds truth through direct experiences. This great Dervish humbly stated that he delivers the Lord’s word as it descends.

Guru Nanak’s first disciple was his sister Nanaki.

The latter was enchanted by her younger brother.

She was privileged to witness a strange glow on his face as he slept.

She smelt a sweet fragrance around young Nanak’s presence.

Rai Bular, a Muslim chief of the village was the second disciple.

Guru Nanak’s  school teacher, soon realized that the young boy that had been sent to him to be taught, was an evolved soul, from whom he probably needed to learn, rather than teach.

The great Guru took charge of the stores belonging to Daulat Khan. It was Rai Bular who recommended Young Nanak, and it was Nanaki’s husband Jai Ram who took him to Sultanpur. The latter became necessary as young Nanak’s father was rather disappointed in the fact that his son, who had come so late,in his life, was not  cut out to make money.

It is another matter that Guru Nanak turned out to be a real Paatshah!

A Prophet, A King! One who was meant to rule over hearts.

Guru Nanak’s companion was Mardana, he played the rabab, a musical instrument.

In the evening, after work Nanak and Mardana would sing shabads, hymns.

Further details of Guru Nanak’s life I have shared with you earlier, which you may like to read again by clicking on the links provided at the end of this message.

I shall share with you some of my favorite observations, that Guru Nanak made:

Man jeetey, Jag jeetey

Which means: He who conquers his mind, rules (wins the world)

Another winner according to me is:

Nanak dukheeya sab sansaar, sohee sukhee jis naam aadhaar

Which states that Nanak believes that the whole world is unhappy,

Only he is truly happy who has trust in the Lord!

Let us chant a prayer of Guru Nanak, which I am quite sure all the Sindhis and Sikhs will find very familiar.

Guru Nanak prays:

Thou art my Lord and I pray to Thee,
Thou art the Creator of the humanity,
Thou art my Mother and Thou art my Father
By Thy Grace one experiences all kinds of Joy,
No one is able to perceive Thy Greatness
Thou art Higher than the Highest

The whole world is strewn by Thy Thread
Whatever transpires, is, by Thy command!
And I accept!
Thou knowest thy reasons (For whatever comes to pass)
The servant Nanak would always sacrifice his all (for Thee)

The original in ‘Gur-Mukhee’, which literally means ‘From the mouth of the Guru):

Tum Thakur Tum pe Ardaas
Jeev Pind sab teree Raas
Tum Maat Pita hum Baalak terey
Tumharee Kripa mein sukh ghanerey
Koyee na jaaney tumharaa anta
Oonchey tey oonch Bhagvant

Sagal samagaree tumharey sootar dhaaree
Tumha tey hoy so aagyaa kaaree
Tumharee gat mit tumahee jaanee
Nanak Daas sadaa kurbaanee.

Let us remember, and be inspired by the Great Master, and celebrate the day, He took birth to bless the world!