Time – An Illusion

Last week I met four Spiritual Giants!

First, I heard the discourse of Swami Nirmal Chetan.

He has patiently taught me most of what I know today. He has guided me through my Spiritual blocks and obstacles. He has aged. In years. He is around 80, give or take a few years. But his intellect and his understanding is sharp! He did not falter as he delivered his speech in the Satsang hall of Dada Jashan of Vaswani Mission.

Dada Jashan requires no introduction. He is a remarkable soul who has done wonders for the Sindhis and humanity.

I felt blessed being in their company.

The next day I spent a marvelous day in Splendor Country, discussing Spiritual Insights with Swamiji.

In the evening went to the Hare Krishna Mandir, where I felt the presence of Ma Indira Devi, my loving guru, who though no more in the body, is very much present in her beloved temple.

(You could read about Swami Nirmal Chetan and Ma Indira Devi in my book ‘In Touch with Masters’)

Next day my dear cousin sister and myself, proceeded to Meherabad. Where Meherbaba took his Mahasamadhi, but yet continues to live in the hearts of those he loves and those who adore him.

I got acquainted with Meherbaba through the book of Nan Umrigar entitled ‘The Sounds of Silence’ Nan lost her young son, an eminent jockey in an accident. Soon after, her ‘dead’ son Karl, resumed contact with his mother and ‘wrote’ of being under the Divine Presence and Grace of Meherbaba. Nan recounts, in the book, the various messages that came from her son and her experiences in Meherabad. Since then, I felt a keen desire to visit the place.

I did once before. I was told then, that thousands throng to the samadhi on important days connected with Baba’s life. I expressed the desire of experiencing the ‘energy’ of such a day. This time I went on the anniversary of Baba, having given up his body. I prayed for something close to my heart, I asked for a sign, and I gasped for breath as it came, no sooner had I uttered my desire.

This time I voiced the desire of my next, coming to Meherabad accompanied by Nan.

Imagine my surprise when, on my return to Mumbai, I was invited out for lunch, by a friend who also invited charming Nan Umrigar! She has promised to take me with her to Meherabad, on her next trip!

Having accomplished so much in two days, I felt that I had been away for a few weeks instead of just over 48 hours!

But I was not surprised.

Because I have read that time is an illusion. What is real is ‘NOW’

The present moment is the only truth! The past and future are phantoms.

Though ‘time’ is essential to function in this world, the conditionings of the past must be released, and the anxiety and fantasy projections of the future, must not be allowed to control our lives.

Rumi, a great Sufi poet claims “Past and future veil God from our sight …”

Accept what the present moment brings, Act, and leave the outcome to the Lord! One must return back to the ‘Now’

Become the silent watcher of whatever may be happening, whether inside you, or around you, without judging or analyzing!

Spiritual teachings claim that even pain is an illusion. But in order to gain victory over it one has to face it. One has to bring the light of consciousness into what hurts. The moment one becomes the watcher, a higher dimension of consciousness appears, and one breaks ones identification with the pain.