Three Paths

This is the summary of the pravachan given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 25.3.1991 at 5 a.m. the cassette of which was played today at Gita Bhavan, Rishikesh, India.

Q. Which is the correct spiritual path for an individual?
A. For the one who naturally sees the world as real the path to follow is Karmayog (the path of action). For the one who naturally sees the self as real the path to follow is Gyanyog (the path of knowledge/discrimination).For the one who naturally sees God as real the path to follow is Bhaktiyog (the path of devotion).

Karmayog – Renouncing selfish desire and the attraction for pleasures and prosperity serve everybody. Sensual pleasure is experienced by animals also. As humans, your goal should be to help all – do whatever you can to the best of your ability so that everybody benefits.

Gyanyog – ‘I’ AM and the world and body is NOT. ‘I’ go to 84 lac forms of life. Use this discrimination and do not accept the existence of the world or body at all.

Bhaktiyog – Only God exists. There is nothing else besides God. Sentient – insentient, real – unreal, body – soul, all is only God. Do whatever you do for God.

In the Bhaagwat also these three paths are given for the one who wants salvation. The world has to be renounced. You enjoy pleasures and spoil your habit. Serve others and purify your self. If you accept the world as real – serve. In the path of knowledge the world is unreal. You will have no attraction to the world. In devotion, take refuge at His feet. Depend on nothing else. Only one support. Want nothing else.

If you have no desire your relation is automatically with God. Action is karma and selfless for the benefit of others only is yog.
The world is perishable. We have no relation with it. Know and understand what is right and what is wrong is gyan and renouncing the unreal after knowing is yog.
Accepting God IS is bhakti and doing everything for the happiness of God and not wanting anything is return is yog. All actions are for the benefit of others, not for yourself.

Choose your path yourself. Pick the path you are most interested in and capable of. It will be very easy for you. In all the paths the attraction for pleasures, praise, wealth and prosperity has to be renounced. Without renouncing you will keep going round and round (be reborn again and again) and not reach where you are meant to reach. Till you have attraction and aversion you will be reborn.

For renouncing, call out to Him. He will help. Depend only on Him – no other support. God will remember you if you remember Him with all your capability. You do not stray when you are dependent on God alone. Devotion and knowledge can go together. Devotion is independent and can be mixed with action and knowledge. In all you have to leave the attraction for the perishable. Chanting the holy name is very helpful in all paths.

Ram Ram

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