Thought on Life

Thought One

Life is NOT a constant fire-works show. Whichever way one looks at it, there are regular doses of joy and sorrow meted out to All OF US. Hence life is fair.

Has it ever occurred to you why all of us love the Cinderella story?  It is because things fell into place for her, with very little effort on her part. Fairy God mother appeared, carriages materialized, and Prince Charming arrived.

All this can happen in our life. But for this we have to partner with God. We have to put in our efforts. We have to at least BUY the lottery ticket if we want to win it.

Human nature in insatiable. Clever advertisements state: ” Unless you are completely satisfied with what you have, give us a call!” No-one is completely satisfied.

Say to yourself: “I can be happy with what I have, even though I am not satisfied with it.