The Source of Sindhi Surnames

 (As of 1947)

EXTRACTS – As Published in “History of Hindus in Sind”

Author: Diwan Bherumal Mahirchand Advani 

  Published:   1946-1947

Translated and updated wherever possible by:

Narain Sobhraj Kimatrai

2003  Copyright reserved

                             Translator seeks endurance from readers towards usage of the past & present tenses in the translation and regrets for any errors, omissions and mistakes inadvertently made.

A few words from me: 

About twenty years ago, my friend Late Diwan Hotchand D. Advani (Retired Superintendent of Customs), Hotu to all his friends, showed me two volumes of a Sindhi book titled, “SIND JAY HINDUN JEE TAREEKH” written and published in 1946 & 1947 by Diwan Bherumal Mahirchand Advani. 

 The book interested me as it recounted the history of Sind and Sindhis, and especially as it also contained information on the roots and photographs of my ancestors.

 Hotu got these volumes photocopied for me, courtesy of another friend of ours, Pishu T. Chellaram.

 I had, after glancing at some of the pages that seemed interesting to me, put the volumes away. 

Last year I picked up these volumes and made an attempt to translate certain sections in English. The translation is now available on the website –

 The author, Diwan Bherumal Mahirchand Advani had also compiled in Sindhi, “Source of Sindhi Surnames”. I am happy to say that I have completed this translation and tried to update wherever possible to the best of my ability.

 I am indebted to Late Mr. Parmanand Mewaram Manshiani (Advani), whose two Dictionaries, “Sindhi – English” compiled in the April 1910 and “English – Sindhi” compiled in March 1933 have helped and enabled me to complete the translation. 

 The English-Sindhi Dictionary was given to me by Late Mr. Tirth Sabhani. While searching for “Sindhi – English” Dictionary, I made inquiries with the booksellers in Mumbai and also wrote to The Sahitya Akademi of India at New Delhi without success. 

 Finally, my friend (Diwan) Narain T. Bhavnani came to my rescue. He was in possession of “Sindhi – English” Dictionary that he had found dumped with old magazines with a friend of his, who was selling the same to a raddiwala (old paper dealer) by weight. Nari (Narain) rescued the Dictionary and placed it on his bookshelf. The Dictionary has now found a place on my bookshelf.   

 I must say that though the Partition of India took place in 1947, the Sindhis in Pakistan still rely on these two Dictionaries. Much to my regret, “Sindhi – English” Dictionary is out of print in India, even with The Sahitya Akademi. 


 While translating the two volumes published in 1946 & 1947, I came across another book earlier written and published by Diwan Bherumal M. Advani on March 26 1919 titled “Amilan Jo Ahwal” (Information on Amils) that has been reprinted and published by Khudabadi Amil Panchayat, Mumbai 400 001, in 1989.

 Diwan Gopal Nirmaldas Gurbuxani in his Forward has stated that if some one could publish the volume in Devnagiri and English, our younger generation would benefit by reading and enrich themselves with their rich past and roots.

 I have therefore taken this liberty to borrow some extracts from the same.  

 I am also indebted to Vice Admiral Gulab (Gulu) M. Hiranandani for his contribution of the detailed Hiranandani Shijro (family tree)

   My wife Shakun and daughter Anuja have helped me in the proof reading. I dedicate my work to my wife Shakun, children Sunder, his wife Saira, Madhavi, her husband Mohan (Bob), Anuja and my grandchildren Aysha, Shazia, Aditya, Kiran and Jai.

 Narain Sobhraj Kimatrai.

Mumbai, India.                                      

Year 2003.