The Queens Marians of 1963

Gloria (Jesudian) Jacob (

The class of Queen Marians of 1963, stands apart from the rest of the world. They are unique in that they have taken great pains to keep in touch with each other.  Out of a list of 93 names, which include students who passed through, joined late and left, for a multitude of reasons, we are now in touch with 59another 4, unfortunately, having passed away. 22 of these live abroad, 33 in Mumbai and 4 in other parts of India. Whenever anyone arrives, it is time for a get-together. 9 years ago about 30 of us celebrated our 50th birthday and next year, as we totter towards it, we hope to celebrate our 60th.

Perhaps we can stake a claim to the Guiness Book of Records!!! We’ve rubbed shoulders with some celebrities in our batch. Bhakti Barve, Uma (Dalal) Chowdhary, Mira (Mehta) Hatiangadi, Shakun Narain (Vimlu Khiani), Meera Isaacs…to name a few, but many have carved a niche for themselves.

We are proud to say that of the lot we’ve had 3 Principals of schools, the one most recently honoured being Ms. Meera Isaacs (nee Samuel). Apart from being the first Woman Principal of Cathedral & John Connon School, on the 5th of September 2005, on Teachers’ Day, Meera was presented the National Teachers’ Award (for Principals) by no less a figure than President Abdul Kalam himself. 

But the unique part is that we meet often and are there for each other. There were about 12 of us, some with spouses, at the party hosted by Meera’s daughters and friends to felicitate the recently honoured Meera, on Sunday the 18th of September 2005.

– With pride and affection from the QUEEN MARY’S BATCH of 1963

Something to crow about! 

Queen Mary’s for Aye!

Queen Mary’s for Aye!

Hi Folks,

Party time again! This time we zero in at Delna’s place, on the 15th March 2006. Occasion? “Saptha-apthe-poorthi“(!!) which translates to our sixtieth birthday!! Since most of us are going to celebrate it this year, the planners have decided to do it on Roshan Lala’s birthday!