The Miracle of Kaveri

Last week, I had a most wonderful trip. I went to the picturesque slopes of the Brahmagiri hills. The holy place, from where Mother River Cauvery (Kaveri) springs.

Kaveri is considered the Ganga of the South of India.

My friend Seeta, who I have known for the last 30 years, was visiting the place and she invited me to go along with her.

So I flew to Bangalore.

From there, it was 5hrs, of scenic drive to Coorg.

My friend Seeta is originally from Coorg, hence we stayed with her sister and brother in law.

Both, doctors, both very hospitable, and both, great human beings.

Early next morning, we drove for about 2 hrs, where the Mother Kaveri moves, as in a slow dance, under the bridges, that adorn the beautiful landscape.

I took 3 dips, and imagined, Mother’s Grace descending over me. I felt blessed!

Then it was another half an hour to the source of Mother Kaveri. It is called Thalla Cauvery.

On top of a mountain, was a small tank. About 4ft. by 4 ft, believed to be the birthplace of Mother Kaveri.

A few steps below the small tank, there is a bigger tank, the size of large swimming pool.

We again took the dips. The gracious pandit poured water over my head from the higher, smaller tank above. The water was clean. Why am I surprised?

Now let me tell you the story of the sacred place.

Beautiful Kaveri is the daughter of the Sage Kaavera.

Kaveri performed tremendous penance, to be able to achieve the boon, of becoming a river, for the arid region.

As Kaveri turned into a beautiful damsel, the enamoured Sage Agastya asked Kaveri’s father for her hand in marriage.

The father could not refuse the sage. Hence Kaveri, being a dutiful daughter agreed to marry the sage, but there was a condition attached to the matrimony.

She told her husband that if he left her alone, for any amount of time, she would leave him.

The sage agreed. The wedding was solemnized.

However, once the sage left her alone, for a short while, as he went nearby for a bath.

Kaveri decided to leave her husband, as she had vowed, she would do, if her condition was not fulfilled.

The Sage protested. The locals interfered and took sides, in the dispute that arose between husband and wife. They were cursed, that they would become corrupted by sin.

The Mother transformed into a Mighty River and promised that whosoever bathed in her clear cool waters, would be absolved of all negativity.

Not only that. Mother Kaveri promised to appear once a year. I bet that you are about to ask me how She does that?

Well, a holy miracle occurs every year. As soon as the sun reaches a particular position, mostly on the 17th of October, the water in the small tank bubbles up, as the locals implore Mother to come, one more time to wash away their negativities. And she does. Appear.

I was fortunate to be there on the 17th of October J. However Her Darshan time, was at 1.30 in the morning L.

Oh 2 more things! The force of Mother Kaveri, turning into a mighty river, made the pleats of Her sari, which were in the front, move to the back. Until today, the charming ladies of Coorg wear their sarees with the pleats at the back.

Also the water beneath the bigger tank disappears, to appear much later as a dancing stream. Maybe that happened as Kaveri hid, because of the wrath of her husband.

I was told, that even though scientists have dug at the site, to find the hidden waters of Mother Kaveri, under the tank, they have been unable to.