Swami Rama

Earlier this month, I was honored by the stay in my home of Pandit Rajmani Tingunait, the disciple and successor of Swami Rama, author of the book ‘Living with Himalayan Masters’.

I learned from the above book about a language called ‘Sandhya Bhaasha’. It is similar to Sanskrit. Its every word flows, full of meaning from its root sound and it can be used only for discussion of spiritual matters and contains no vocabulary for business affairs of the world.

Swami Rama informs us that in the Himalayas there are sages who just like a

python remain in a dormant, meditative state for a long time.

This state is called ‘Ajaagar Vritti’

Another very interesting piece of information, that I learned from the above book is why people touch sages’ feet.

Reason: A saint surrenders his life at at the lotus feet of the Lord. The sages’ face is therefore with the Lord. Only his feet are here, so people bow to the feet. The book informs, that the above is a Persian belief.

The books that I have read, penned by my honored guest, Pandit Rajmani Tingunait, are equally enlightening.

‘From Death to Birth’ is an attempt to understand Karma and Reincarnation with a key to the Scriptures.

I also read ‘Tantra Unveiled’. The word ‘Tantra’ is intimidating. ‘Many believe it to be connected with magic, witchcraft and influencing the mind of others’. But Panditji has unveiled its mystery, by explaining that the ‘literal meaning of Tantra is to weave, to expand, to spread’ Its message is, that worldly pleasures need not be denied while in quest of the Spiritual Life.

Tantra teaches that ‘everything is sacred, nothing is profane’.

Tantra is a ‘Shakti Sadhana’  It believes that without access to our ‘Shakti’ (Energy), ‘true spiritual illumination is not possible. Awakening and using shakti is the goal of Tantra.

Sadly, however, if  ‘the scientific aspect of tantra falls into the hands of charlatans, it is inevitably misused, giving tantra a bad name…’

Fascinating reading.

Pandit Tingunait is a non-assuming man despite his immense knowledge.

To know more about my spiritual guest, you could visit:

There were a few other pressing situations demanding my time and attention during the stay of my august friends. I decided to put into practice ‘living in the moment’ ie doing what needs to be done this moment, to the best of my capacity, hoping that the next moment would take care of itself.

And you know what? It did.

All my situations worked out.

I learned that you may have been hearing words of wisdom all your life, but they start meaning something to you, only after you remember to put them into practice.

And then, later during the month, I went sailing.

I have traveled on ships and boats.

But I have never sailed.

It was a thrilling experience.

I have read that tension, worry are caused by too much ‘future’

One must therefore remain in the present.

So I watched the Ocean, swayed with the waves and ‘lived’ each moment!

You must try it sometime.

It is exhilarating!