Sant Gnaneshwar

Thought One.

There has been a request that I write something about Sant Gnaneshwar. Many great Spiritual personalities have shone brightly, for a few years and have accomplished more than a lot of us have in so many.

Sant Gnaneshwar was one of them. He translated the Bhagavad Geeta in Marathi, and explained it in a way that the lay people could understand. The above he accomplished while he was in his teens. He hailed from Alandi, a village not far from Pune. His father renounced the world but returned to his wife when a great saint urged him to, The saint predicted that he should return to family life as he was destined to give birth to great souls. One of those great souls was young Gnaneshwar. The village however did not approve of his father returning to family life, after having renounced the world, hence they gave him the death sentence, and excommunicated Gnaneshwar and his family, from the rest of the village. There are many a miraculous story connected with the survival of the siblings. The biggest miracle was the interpretation of the Gita, which is called the ‘Gnaneshwari’ and is read today by millions. Young Gnaneshwar took mahasamadhi, while he was still a young lad. Miraculous stories are connected with the above episode and site.