Sanatkumara is one of the sons of Brahma, the Creator.

It is believed that he manifests in the form of pure Light.

But for those souls looking for direction, he takes human form, and guides them on the spiritual path.

Another scripture claims that Sanatkumara is the child of Ahimsa and Dharma.

The teachings of Sanatkumara appear in various scriptures.

The following is an excerpt from the Chandogya Upanishad.

Narada is the name of a learned Sage revered for his knowledge and wisdom.

Despite his brilliance in various subjects, he was dissatisfied.

Narada confided his dilemma to Sanatkumara.

Sanatkumara explained that true knowledge is different from information.

Information is achieved through words, whereas true knowledge is achieved from within.

Knowledge gives one the means to live in this world and is called ‘Avydia’

Real Knowledge, which reintroduces one, to ones true Spiritual identity, is called ‘Vydia’.

Meditation is the means to achieve the above.

While one masters the art of surviving on earth, be it economically or physically, the thirst of the soul is not quenched.

Hence, the conflict, frustration and lack of peace of mind.

How to achieve peace of mind? The only way is to get acquainted with oneself at every level.

How to start? By being silent. By observing how thoughts control speech and actions.

Yet, speech and actions are affected by Samskaaras. (The impressions of ones past, or/and  childhood experiences on ones subconscious mind).

Solution: Go to the root of the thinking process, Contemplate on Brahman, Truth or Ones Higher Self and  inflict a blow on the negative tendencies. Tap on the inner divine strength which is known as ‘Shakti’.

At the same time work towards positive qualities and tendencies.

Faith is an important requisite.

The above exercise brings the gift, of peace of mind and true happiness.

While all the above is important for achieving peace of mind and liberation, it is very important to eat the right satwic (pure) foods to nourish the body.

Surrounding the physical body lies an energy body which is the sheath of praana.

Most people believe the breath to be the ‘praana’. They are not far from the truth. The fact however is that the breath is the vehicle of the praana. The praana flows in fixed pathways which are called ‘naadis’

Breathing fresh air in a regulated form is known as pranayaama.

The practice of pranayaama tunes the body and mind to pick up cosmic energies.

After having taken care of the gross body and the praanamaya kosha as the praanic body is called; one must believe that ‘I’ am true consciousness.

Know, that everything that I believe to be mine in the material world does not really belong to me.

Here I am reminded of a mantra from the Isha Upanishad:

Eesha vaasya midam sarvam yat kimcha jagat yaam jagat
Tena Tyaktena bhunjeethaah maa gridhaa kasyas vid dhanam

Which means:

God pervades all that exists in the world, and everything belongs to Him,
You may enjoy everything that comes to you, but surrender your greed and attachment.