Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

We are all seekers. We question. We seek answers, to what life means… And then, one day, Friedrich Nietzsche declared God dead! And you would imagine that people were happy to hear the news, because now, they could act the way they pleased, and not worry about burning in hell.

But no! People despaired, got into a depression. A ‘sense of direction’ had been snatched! Science and knowledge only, does not seem to be the answer. The fact emerging is that a right combination of Science, Knowledge and Spirituality, is what is required!

Last month I had the good fortune of meeting Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation. He autographed a copy of ‘Encounter the Enlightened’ (an unedited version of dialogues spoken by him) for me, with the words: ‘May you know Bliss, Great Blessings…’ I started to read the book.

And here are some of the interesting points that I encountered: If you have to experience Grace, your vessel has to become totally empty… If one brings sufficient awareness and above all a constant sadhana, practice into his life, slowly the vessel becomes totally empty. Awareness empties the vessel. Sadhana cleanses the vessel’…It doesn’t matter what we have… people are still not happy. If you take the western society as an example, anything that you can dream of materially is there. But when one travels to the west, all one hears is long complaints about life, more misery than anywhere else. So somewhere all these things that you think will settle your lives, have not settled people…Even for Alexander the Great, conquering half the world, life did not settle. At the age of sixteen, he started fighting, went about killing people, unknown people, people who did not know who he was….At the age of thirty-two he died a miserable death…He was so miserable because the other half of the world was yet to be conquered… Now, you wanting to change somebody will never lead to well being. ‘I am willing to change’-if this happens to you, then everything will change. The true revolution is only when I want to change’…Many people have developed an allergy to spirituality because somebody always told them: ‘Spirituality means leaving everything and going to the mountains’. Even if you want to go into the forest, there is not enough forest for all of you, and here, the forest brigand Veerappan occupies most of it. There is not enough space for you there. Now you better learn to be spiritual in your office, in your home, on the street wherever you are. You better learn that spirituality is about your interiority, not what you do outside. What you do outside is your choice. How you want to dress, what you want to eat, where you want to be is your personal individual choice. Spiritual science is about managing your interiority…about how joyous and peaceful you are… Don’t go on the belief that this is a good man and this is a bad man. Is there anybody here who is a good man all the twenty-four hours? It is just that if you bring the necessary awareness and alertness into your self, you will lead a fruitful life. Then you can attend to mankind…so the first and foremost responsibility is to establish yourself as a joyous human being…