Return of Aryans- Aum – Swastika

Mr. G.T.Shahani had presented in an article, a gist of Mr. Bhagwan S. Gidwani’s book Return of the Aryans. I quote below a paragraph from that article:

Mainly, Return of the Aryans is concerned with telling the story of the birth & beginning of Hinduism, along with the dramatic account of how Aryans originated from Sindh and the Indian subcontinent (and from nowhere else); their exploits and adventures in West Asia and Europe, including Iran, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Turkey, Russian lands, Finland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania & Baltic States and Germany; and finally their triumphal return to the home-town and heritage of Sindh & the Indian subcontinent.  Even so, here are some of the main facts about ancient Sindh, emerging from the book:

        BIRTH & beginning of Hinduism took place in Sindh, along Sindhu river, prior to 8,000 BC.

        It was a man from Sindh who first uttered the auspicious ‘ OM’ Mantra, and devised the salutation of NAMASTE, (to highlight “TAT TVAM ASI” – THAT THOU ART – or to acknowledge that “there is God in you, and to Him and to you we salute”).

        Similarly, the ‘SWASTIKA’ seal & symbol was originated in Sindh to spread the message of ‘Daya, Dana & Dharma’ (Later, after the Aryan migration of the people of Sindh and the Indian subcontinent to Europe, ‘SWASTIKA’ came to be adopted in Europe, initially for auspicious purposes, though in the modern  era, in the Nazi period, it was used for inauspicious, corrupt practices and racial hatred).

  Thus you will kindly see from subpara 3 above that SWASTIKA was made originally in SINDH IN 5000 BC


You will also see from page 665 onwards from Mr. Bhagwan S. Gidwani’s book, ‘Return of the Aryans’ detailed material clearly showing  how SWASTIKA came to be made in 5000 BC in Sindh, AND who the artist was, and  what SWASTIKA’s noble message and auspicious motivation were.  Clearly, its message and blessing was from Sindhu Putra. Those pages in Gidwani’s book  also show how many designs for SWASTIKA were considered by the Artist and how the final design was decided upon as an auspicious, benedictory, sacred mark of blessing & good fortune for all people and in all directions within and beyond Bharat Varsha.  

Also the book will show how Hindu Aryans from Sindh and Bharat Varsha carried in 5000 BC those Swastika seals to Asia and Europe and including the Black Forest of Germany .


Clearly Adolf Hitler in adopting Swastika for NAZI party inverted the design, and thus our Swastika is different. Our Swastika has nothing to do with what the NAZI party adopted.