Ram Navmi

Thought One

The birth of Lord Rama, the seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in the Tretayuga is celebrated on the day of Ramnavmi.

Which is the ninth day in the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra. 

Navmi means the number 9.

Tusidasji (The Author of the Ram-Charit- Manas- Ramayan), tells us that Shri Ram was born on this day. He goes on to state that he who sings Shri Ram’s praise on this day, has all the Pilgrimage Centres come to his door-step.

Shri Ram is connected with the number 9.
The No 9 is the Highest number.
After the number 9, comes the 0.

Shri Morari Bapu tells us that in order to truly worship Shri Ram either become complete like the number 9, or empty like the 0.

In order to be a completely full Spiritual Human being, do the following:

1) Keep good company
2) Sing the Lord’s praises
3) Listen to the the Almighty’s ‘katha’ ( Scriptural narrations)
4) Have total Faith.
(If you do the first 3, the fourth will automatically arise in your heart)

In order to become 0, or ‘Shunya’ as the Scriptures refer to this state, remove the following:-

1) Ego
2) Doubt
3) Desire of unnecessary things.

On this Navmi, are we going to follow the above instruction? Are we at least going to try?

I wish you a Happy Ram-Navmi, The birth of Shri Ram…in your heart.

Whenever righteousness is in danger, God reincarnates to protect and reinstate righteousness in the society. He destroys the evil doers and protects the seekers. 

After you have read about Ram Navmi do read the following note that my family member and friend added, on what I have written.

Dear Aunty Shakun,

Also the Number 9, if you multiply it with any number, and total the sum, it will always be 9.

(eg:  3 x 9 = 27.    2 + 7 =9)           (9 X 11 = 99.   9+9 = 18.  8+1 = 9)

TRY IT WITH ANY NUMBER, and Multiply by 9, and you will get the same result.

Therefore, it is also said that the perfect time to remember Lord Ram, is either at 9.AM  or 9 PM.


Nari S. Dadlani

Thought Two

Sri Ram believed that:

Raghukula Reet sada chalee aayee
Praan Jaaye par vachan na jaayee’

Which means that the code of the Raghukula (Sri Ram’s) family, had always been that its members would rather die than to go back upon their word.

Sri Ram is considered a ‘Maryaada Purshottam’ which means that He is believed to be the Ideal Man. This year let us imbibe the virtue of ‘Keeping our promises’ from Him.