Thought One

Do read the following story. I believe a woman told this story at one of the workshops. Seems like she had an accident, and had a near-death experience. As she hovered between life and death, she was able to hear the responses that the passengers of the cars that passed by had. Most complained about the heavy traffic. Others swore under their breath for being late. Some would have probably considered an accident on the way inauspicious. 

As the cars streamed past, the woman ‘saw light’ coming from the top of the 5th car. The white light went towards the Heavens and then was directly directed at her. She wondered what had happened and then she heard the prayer of the perfect stranger in the 5th car. The prayer was: ” I do not know who the woman is, But if my prayers can help her, please God help her”. These prayers were transmitted to her, and she came back into the body as it was not her time yet. The woman had remembered the license plate number of the one who had prayed for her. When the woman recovered she came to the doorstep of the one who had prayed for her, to thank her.

No prayer goes unanswered. Every thought has energy. Think about it.