Our Body – A Temple

The Scriptures claim that ‘Maanav Shareer ko tarsey Dev

Which means that the Devtas ( Angelic Beings) yearn for the Human body.

The reason for this is that, while the Devtas may enjoy immense joy and pleasure in Heaven, they fall short of achieving the Ultimate, which is their Union with God.

What has that got to do with Devtas yearning for the Human body, you might ask.

Well, it is only in the Human form that you can make the final leap to Divinity.

Which brings me to the point that I am trying to make.

The Human body is a Temple.

Also it is the vehicle that transports us to Godhead.

It is said in the Scriptures, that there are three ‘Ati Durlabh Vastu

Which means three very difficult things (To attain)

  1. A Human body
  2. An interest in Spiritual matters
  3. A Spiritual teacher or/and Guru with whom you are able to connect spiritually.

You, I mean, my readers have all attained these three Ati Durlabh Vastu!

Just today I was reading about an architect who wanted to retire.  The boss asked him to complete just one more house before doing so.  The architect did a shoddy job as he was in a rush to go about the pleasures that awaited him, and not very interested in the construction.  Just as he handed the key of the house to his boss, the boss returned it to him saying that that house was a gift to him!  You can imagine the architect’s remorse in not having done a better job!

This is what we do with the house that we live in, our body…our temple.

We pay little attention to matters that really matter in our life.   We are aware of the fact, that it is only our karmas that we carry on our forward journey, and yet we do not truly believe it… until it is too late.