On Doubts and Loneliness

I have been listening to the katha (discourse) of Shri Morari Bapu beamed live on TV. 

He spoke of doubt: ‘Sandeh’ Sandeh literally means doubt. All search starts with a doubt expressed, but that doubt must come from a sincere wish to learn, not to argue for the sake of proving oneself to be knowledgeable and superior. A lot of Hindu Scriptures are a dialogue between disciple and Master. Can you think of one such Scripture? You are right! The Bhagvad Geeta. Anyway, to come back to Shri Morari Bapu and his discourse.

He said:
Sandeh naheen to Vichaar naheen
Vichaar naheen to Vivek naheen
Vivek naheen to Satya naheen
Satya naheen to Parmeshwar naheen.

Which I would translate thus:
Doubt leads to thoughts
Thoughts lead to the power to discriminate (between right and wrong)
The power (to be able) to discriminate leads to Truth Truth leads to God.

I received an email from a friend which made sense. Sending you excerpts:

It stated that the deepest fear we have is the fear of being alone… The source of the fear is our original separation from God… We try to escape this fear by having someone in our life who we believe will be here for us …unfortunately it does not work for long… We are forced to face our limiting beliefs, our judgments and our control patterns… From a place of Presence, we can enter into relationship, but when we do, we make Presence the foundation of our being together. True companionship, and the opportunity to express love, caring and kindness become the real value of relationship…

Deena Rathod has shared with me a Sai Mantra, which I share with you, dear Readers and specially with Ankita who had requested for it. Here it is: 

Saayeeshvaraaya vidhmahe
Sathya devaaya dheemahi
Thannah sarvah prachodayaath

Roughly translated it means:
We know Sai as Supreme Divinity Incarnate.
We meditate on this God of Truth.
May this Almighty All-in-all Personality lead us on the path of total liberation.