On Birds and Weeds

Every event in our life, up until this point has been for our ultimate benefit.

That is hard to believe, is it not?

If one believes in the Karma theory, it will be easier to accept the above.

How? If things have gone according to our desire, then life has been good. But even if things did not go as expected, it is also fine, as one has then acquired wisdom.

If nothing else, one will have learned to be patient.

One has to learn to wait for desires to materialize, and one has to be patient while karmas run their course.

Have you heard the song?

Gum kee andheree raat mein, dil ko na bekaraar kar
Subah zaroor aayegee, subah ka intezaar kar

Which means: ‘Do not lose heart while the dark night lasts.
Dawn is bound to break! Expect the morning light’.

Real patience is a virtue, which has to be cultivated.

It grows in the womb, and it takes birth after one has undergone pain.

My guru used to say, that we do not really want to learn and change.

The reason she gave is: When we are faced with a trial, we resist it and implore for it to pass, without learning, what that test is trying to point out to us.

But if I am supposed to learn then, why do those who love me have to suffer along with me?

I have read that all karmas are group karmas, except for maybe personal prayers and meditation. No man is an island. One act affects many. And therefore many learn at the same time. And that according to Hindu scriptures is not due to the whim and fancy of nature. It is mathematically, immaculately calculated to fit into the learning of all those who are affected by the ripple.

One of the ways of reducing karma is by service, and service without expectation of fruits works better. 

That is hard, is it not?

Well, then feed birds, fishes, cows, water a plant… 

Birds and plants do not ask to be fed. Neither do they promise you anything in return. By serving nature, you pay off some of your karmic debts because nature blesses you. 

To conclude, when you begin to believe, to trust, to give and to be, you provide the Universe more freedom to bestow to you the things that you desire.

Try it!