Thought One

So yesterday the world was supposed to have ended!

I have read Nostradamus and other psychics on the subject. Most have painted a gloomy picture for 1999. In a Nostradamus book, the great Seer was asked if the world was in for such disaster why was he bothering to tell man-kind? He answered that the outcome of what would happen was ultimately in man’s hands. If they grew enough, emotionally and Spiritually, maybe the disaster could be averted.

I believe that more than real physical earthquakes and floods, we are going to experience Emotional and Spiritual upheavals, no doubt because of the uncertain times that  ALL seem to be facing. But remember that Emotional and Spiritual break-through happens only when we go through pain of some sort. It is only through pain that birth takes place.

During my life I have never seen as uncertain times as these, and yet the interest in Spiritual matters is also unprecedented. So let the Earth tilt to a ‘New Age of Spiritual Awareness’. And let us help in bringing in the Dawn.

Thought Two

I would like to clarify further on what I wrote about in my last Dal-sabzi portion. “End of the world?” as many seem to have been fascinated by the theory.

Nostradamus believed that Humanity may survive, if it does not destroy itself. The Earthquakes predicted may be Emotional in nature. Nostradamus believed  that in order for the world to survive, the Spiritual and Emotional health of its inhabitants has to improve. Now we only tend to stretch beyond ourselves in times of trials. Maybe the trials that most of Humanity is being subjected to, in terms of Politics, Finance, Pollution etc, is necessary for man to question his existence. As he does the above, he becomes more mature Spiritually and Emotionally. And maybe, just maybe, that is what is required for the world to survive!