Nisaadhanta – Ninth Discourse

Naath sakal saadhan main heena
Kinhi kripa jaani jan deena
So kachhu dev na mohi nihora
Nij pan raakheo jan man chora

For the last 8 days we have been contemplating what means man should employ in Kaliyuga to achieve the Lord, and we have concluded, that during the Iron age man must have staunch faith in the protective power of the Lord.

When Janakji arrived in Chitrakoot, he paid his condolences for the demise of Dashrathji, and did not partake food both night and day. Sunayanaji also met Kaushalyaji and the other queens. Janakji was proud of his daughter’s Seeta’s demeanor and urged her to continue to serve her mothers-in law and her family.   Sunayana and Janakji finding themselves alone for a while proceeded to discuss the character of Bharatji. One thing was clear in the mind of Janakji. Even though he could discuss and understand the deepest truths of philosophy, he could not fathom the love of Ram and Laxman. Janakji continued to explain to Sunaina, that he had observed many spiritual pilgrims, he had studied great sages and ascetics, many of them had as a matter of fact, come to him often for advice. But he had come across one person, Bharat, whose means and goals was love and love alone. It requires courage to speak about the love of Bharatji. So let me conclude in Janakji’s own words, what the latter feels about the love and devotion of Sri Ram’s brother Bharat:

Saadhan sidhi Ram pag nehu
Mohi lakhi parat Bharat mat ehu

Bhagavat aashray
Refuge of the Lord

What does “Ram pag nehu” mean? It means to have love and faith in the Lord. A loyal wife who loves her husband has the full right to rest at his feet, or to place her head on his chest.

Ekai dharam ek vrat nema
Koi vachan man pati pad prema

 Also, a child feels content and secure walking holding his father’s finger. He may play on his father’s lap or sit on his shoulder. In this “Kaliyuga” (Iron age) if one is able to cultivate such faith in ones guru then maybe ones spiritual life will be fulfilled. So before I conclude my discourse, let me repeat over and over again:

Tu ek hi aashray kar
Sri Krishnam sharanam mama

Drop all worry and misgivings, and have full faith in the Lord. Sometimes so much can  be achieved by trusting a mere mortal, then what would be impossible if you were to place your trust on the Almighty.  The above is Mahaprabhuji’s message.  However if after surrendering all your  worries and insecurities to the Lord you still feel despondent, then consider that also to be the will of God.  This refuge, this surrender is a fulfillment in itself. So let us go from here with this realization.  We have been lucky to have been seated under the haven of Mahaprabhuji for all these days. Let this sense of gratitude and contentment remain with us as we go from here.

I have placed in front of you some awareness of the subject, in the form of this discourse. However the “katha” like the Lord is endless and has no limits. Who can dare to know its boundaries and ceilings? But as we rise from here , one thing remains with us , and belongs to us, and that is the bliss and happiness that permeates our being.

Bharoso dridh in charnan kero
Sri Vallabh nakh chandra chhata binu
Sab jag maahi andhero
Saadhan aur nahin ya kali mein
Jaaso hot nibhero
Surdas prabhu dwividh andhero
Bina mol ko chero