My Visit To Sydney

Hello friends,

For those dear ones who worried about where I had disappeared, I am back safe and sound from a visit to Australia. Sharing some of my experiences with you…



After a 2 hr train ride and a one and a half hour coach ride, from Sydney, I arrived at the Jenolan caves. As we drove past one of the caves, (which I could call the foyer) I gasped in wonder…but what I was in for, is one of the most spectacular ‘Creation of the Lord’…which I have seen… There were going to be two tours. One included the Imperial cave, Lucas cave and River cave…but for this one had to climb 800 steps. The 2nd tour included the Imperial cave, the Lucas cave and the River cave and for this one I had to climb 300 steps.

I decided to take the latter after they assured me that this one was more spectacular, had less steps to climb. I believed them, this one was more expensive… I had a little time to kill, so I walked near the ‘foyer’ it was awesome! As I waded my way through, the high ceiling cave, the thought suddenly struck me that were I to slip and fall, I might lie there unnoticed for days…so I retraced my steps.

Decided to have my lunch by a rivulet. As I ate, Australian ‘ducks’ wanted to share my meal…I gave them a few crumbs…soon an innocuous looking crow with a frightening beak came…I decided I did not want to share my meal anymore, so I kind of gave a foolish smile to the intruder and walked…hoping that he was not going to follow me… A little brook gurgled behind me as I waited for my guide to come…I had brought my book to keep me company, but I was not going to waste these precious moments reading about fiction. Now for the treat!

Entered the mountain through a tunnel. The’ cave was much more like the hollow part of the whole mountain! There were zig-zag steps to climb…the guide lit up the place as we moved up or down. What can I say what I saw. These crystal like formations were huge and exquisite and surrounded you from all sides. It was like a scene from Ali baba, or some exotic temple filled on all sides by chandeliers of various shapes and kinds.

The guide told us that if we looked closely, we would see shapes into shapes…thus she pointed out the hairdo of Cleopatra, ribbons, Oriental temples, Greek temples and even the dressing room of the tooth fairy… I cannot describe to you any further what I saw…I can only marvel more at the Lord’s creation… Oh yes, these were formations of stalactites and stalagmites, which were formed way before the age of the Dinosaur. The Jenolan caves were discovered in 1838 by James Whalan a local farmer. Over the years, millions of visitors have passed through the nine ‘dark’ caves. I feel blessed to have been one of them. The guide told us that strangely the caves have not ‘killed’ any one who stepped into its wonders. That to me was another wonder.

I initially thought this was a ‘bad picture’ then (I like to believe) that it is ‘Grace’ and it reminds me that ‘Angels touch’

Passion of Christ (The Movie)

People had told me that it was very graphic and I in particular do not like to watch too much blood. But then this was the ‘Passion of Christ’ We complain about small sufferings…in most cases good for our own learning… And here we have Christ who died and went through so much hardship to prove to us that the way to the Lord is through love, service and truth… All He had to do was to side with the priests and give in to temptations and His life would have been spared and he would have lived a materially glorious life…but no, He chose to suffer and die…for what He believed in, and to fulfill His life’s mission…Judas betrayed Him for a few pieces of silver and could not live with the guilt…he committed suicide…His mother watched breathlessly, for her son to live through what His father in Heaven had ordained…and after watching this movie, I honestly feel for the way of the Spirit and the concept to forgive ‘for they know not what they do’…and to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ and to tell the Lord, while going through hardships:  ‘Thy will be done’…