My Trip to Delhi

Last week I  met a lot of important people. Must have had something to do with my stars.

Met a childhood friend who has overnight turned into a celebrity as her daughter is married to the producer of ‘Sixth Sense’.

Left for Delhi where my school friend Rani Jethmalani, the daughter of the Law Minister Sri Ram Jethmalani invited me for a round table conference to debate whether women should get 33% Reservation seats in the parliament. Present for the debate were various politicians and journalists. One of them argued that  women, (who he called the ‘Biwi Brigade’) would not necessarily raise the position of women, as a man also could do that!!??  Another said: “Let us cement people rather than divide”; by which he meant that the above reservation would divide India further, as other minorities would also want major representation.  Yet another said: “Let us concentrate on medicine and education for women” 

I do not know where the answer lies but I tend to agree with one learned speaker who said: “Politics is part hypocrisy and part ‘nautanki’ (acting). I also agree with a lady speaker who said that men will be men …”they have not been able to do such a great job by themselves, maybe they will perform better in women’s presence.” she stated. 

I believe that our first demand should be for 50% participation in domestic decisions. 

I also met a man who had advised a previous Prime Minister to make refrigerators available to the whole of Indian population for Rs 100. His argument: The masses in the villages will be able to store food and India would enjoy a surplus! 

I also met someone who claimed that she had entered the hijacked aircraft, and the hijackers were suffering from a headache!

Do you also have one now, or did you enjoy the Delhi trip???