My First Friend : Jesus

I  obtained my early education in a Spanish Catholic school run by Dominican nuns during the 1950s So I felt drawn to the Christ Consciousness. I would pray to Jesus and  confide in Him my everyday difficulties. And He would listen. As luck would have it, I was the only Hindu girl in a class of over 40 Spanish students. Denied access to the rich Hindu cultural heritage, I could not meet my class-mates in discussion when they wondered aloud how Hindus could be so pagan as to worship cows, monkeys and elephants.

This humiliation, of which I was a victim made me knock at Jesus’ door. I prayed and cried. I wondered, that if God is merciful how could the whole Humanity perish except for those who followed the Christian belief. I believe that Jesus listened to me. He guided me to lectures and discourses by learned people on my return to India. I felt mentally relieved to know that every belief and ritual in Hinduism had a scientific and logical explanation and had been prescribed with the good of the individual, in mind.

I felt that Christ and Krishna are One.   Hindus say “Om” Christians say “Amen” Besides other many similarities, Christians like Hindus believe that man is made in the likeness of God.  Jesus Christ claimed: “I and my Father are One”; and “The Kingdom of God is within you”.

Jesus answered my knock. I am grateful to Him for the fact that He opened the door for me, to the wisdom that all paths ultimately lead to the same destination. Incidentally in the “I AM’ Discourses”  Books of St. Germain Series, and other New Age books, Jesus is referred to as ‘Sananda’.