Nan Umrigar and myself
From right to left: Nan Umrigar and myself

Meher Baba’s first Bulaava

A few years ago I read a book called ‘The Sounds of Silence’ by Nan Umrigar.

In that she wrote about how she had discovered that her young son who had tragically died, was being looked after by Meher Baba, a Master who is no longer in the body.

This knowledge she had received, through automatic writing.

I had since then, had the desire to visit Meherabad, a colony near  Ahmedanagar, which is approximately a 2 hour drive from Pune.

I got the opportunity to visit the place!

Maybe it would be better to state that Meher Baba called me.

It is said that, one can only set foot on holy pilgrim centers, only when the Bulaava comes!

Meherabad was serene. The Pilgrim Center was comfortable.

The Pilgrims at the Pilgrim Center were friendly and helpful.

The ‘Samaaddhi’ was inhabited by Meher Baba. He was there. One could feel him!

Meher Baba said that he has not come to teach but to awaken!

He was silent for 44 years! From July 10, 1925 until he passed away on Jan.31, 1969.

He observed silence for more than 3 decades because ‘man had been deaf to the principles and precepts laid down by God in the past…enough words had been asked for and given, and now it was time to live them!’

He said that to be nearer and nearer to God one had to get further and further away from “I”, “my”, “me” and “mine”.

To renounce the limited self, Grace is required, and Baba said that he had come to release that Grace.

I hope to return to Meherabad soon to experience the ‘Grace’ again.

The second and third  Bulaava

The first time I went to Meherabad, it was quiet and peaceful.

So I had the desire, that the next time round, I should visit it during a festival.

I got the Bulaava again. I asked that if my wish is to be fulfilled, there should be a particular manifestation. The manifestation manifested. However the desire has not yet been fulfilled.

The above aside, I expressed the desire that the third time, I should visit the Samaadhi with Nan Umrigar, the author of Sounds of Silence.

As soon as I returned to Bombay, I got a call from a friend inviting me for lunch where Nan had also been invited!

I met her. She is a charming non assuming, lovable and huggable lady.

I told her that I would like to take my next trip to Meherabad with her.

Years passed. She sent me an email last week (March 2005) stating that she was taking a group to Meherabad and if I would like to join.

I said yes, yes, I would love to…

I went and have just returned. Was wondering why the bulaava, since my desire has not yet materialized.

Nan tells me sometimes, one is just an instrument, the bulaava may be for the others who came because of me. (I had taken 3 friends along with me).

I did however get a message which maybe was for me…it was a message of Meher Baba and it stated that sometimes he gives more than one expected and sometimes he gives nothing and in that nothing there is everything.

I like to hold on to the thought that I am in ‘big profit’ both ways! J

Oh yes, one more thing, Nan told me that she got a forwarded email with a quote of mine saying that ‘the next time I would like to visit Meherabad with Nan’ I presumed I had added that note on my website( under ‘Divine Calls and Meher Baba’ 

When I looked for it on my website, it was not there!

On 10th-Aug-2006 Nan released 'Sounds of Silence'
On the 10th of Aug 2006 Nan released a new edition of
 ‘Sounds of Silence’

It was a beautiful program where Mahabanoo Kotwal and Anish Trivedi read excerpts, Cyrus and Jimmy Mody shared experiences and Gary Lawyer sang ‘Begin the Beguine’ a song much liked by Meher Baba…a video was also released…

In the picture below, from left: Anish Trivedi,
Mahabanoo and Nan Umrigar
from left: Anish Trivedi, Mahabanoo and Nan Umrigar