Matrix – The Movie

Undersanding Vedanta through the Movie Matrix

Thought One

Saw the movie ‘Matrix’ yesterday. I had heard that the movie was about computers, and how one day they would run our lives. I interpreted the movie thus.

We are electronic human beings.  ‘Love’ and Faith” and Honesty is imperative. The “matrix’ is all the endless knowledge and Wisdom of the Universe. We may, and are able to download any program of knowledge or wisdom if we so desire. We “do not only have to BELIEVE, but KNOW that we can do it”.

Nothing is really real.

Is the ‘dream world’ more ‘real’?

You have to believe in yourself and the ‘Power of Love’. The latter can even conquer death. Your ‘Guru’ or ‘Oracle’ as she is called in the movie, may be be a very ordinary mundane human being on the surface. It is what he/she KNOWS  that matters. A few youngsters wondered whether I and/or my friends would understand the movie. I wonder whether youngsters will. But then, have I  understood it?