Mantra for Self Surrender

From the Bhagvad Geeta

II/7 Ch 2 Verse 7:
Karpanya dosho pahata swabhaavaha
Prichhaami twaam dharma sammudha chetaaha
Yachhreyaha syaanis chittam broohi tanme
Sishyaste ham saadhi maam twaam prapannam

Which means:
Arjuna says:
My heart is overpowered by the taint of pity, my mind is confused as to duty. I ask thee. Tell me decisively what is good for me, I am thy disciple. Instruct me, who has taken refuge in Thee.

To know more about what ‘Surrender’ implies…
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GLOSSARY (Pronunciation)

A Like in ‘but’

Aa Like in ‘Far’

Ai Like in ‘hair’

Ey Like in Whey

I Like in ‘Pin’

Oo Like in ‘Shoot’

Oon ‘n’ has got a nasal sound.

U Like in ‘Put’


Sanskrit believes that the sound of the word never gets ruined and that it has an everlasting value.

Words in Sanskrit open out from their seed (beej) form.

A root is always a single syllable that contains one of the basic sounds a, I, u, ri

The root or seed may create a word, yet the word will vibrate to its best, and gives it tremendous power.

The Vedic or the Sanskrit view gives more importance to the special sound it should produce, than to the meaning of the spoken word.