Mantra for Marriage

This is a mantra for girls who want to get married.  They should say this mantra on a daily basis

Kaatyaayani Mahaamaayey Mahaa YoginyaDheeshwaree 
NandaGopasuta Devi Pati Mey Kuru Tey Namaha

O Katyaayani! MahaaMayey (Names of Ma the Mother Goddess) 
Supreme Lord of all great Yoginis,
Make Shree Krishna, my husband:
Prostrations unto Thee.

For a man to find a wife

This mantra is addressed to Ma Durga

Patnim manoramaam dehi mano vrutanu saarinim

taarinim durgsansaar saagarasya kulod bhavaam

Which means:

Give me a wife in harmony with me, so that we can both navigate the vast ocean of worldly life together.Gouri, Lord Shiva’s wife and mother of Ganpati and Katikeya. Her mantras are for a good marriage, children and a peaceful and harmonious life.  Her Gayatri for a happy married life can be said by both men and women.Mantramala by Rohini Gupta 

Om subhagaayai cha vidmahe kaam maalaayai dhimahitanno gouri prachodayaat which meansMay we know the One who gives good fortune, may we realize the One who fulfils all desires, may Gouri enlighten us.

The 8th day of Navratri is the day for happiness, marriage, family and wealth, luxurious living, abundance and all prosperity. The Goddess is beautiful shining Maha Gouri, the Great Mother, who has 4 arms, wears white, holds a trishul and rides a massive white bull.

Om aim hreem kleem mahaagouri devyai namah

Bijaksharas or seed mantras

Aim is the knowledge bija, the syllable of Saraswati which gives clarity and knowledge

Hreem is the shakti bija and gives power and confidence.

Kleem is the bija of attraction belonging to Kali, which draws your desires to you.

The following is a version of the Mritynjay comes from the Yajur Veda. The mantra is addressed to Trayambaka, who is Shiva to find a husband and make the move to the new home in ease and comfort.

Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pativedanam

urvaaruka miva bandhanaanito mukshiya maamutaha

Which means:

We worship the God with three eyes, who is full of sweet fragrance. May he find me a husband and free me as easily as a cucumber from its stem from here (father’s house) but not from there (husband’s house)

Mantramala by Rohini Gupta

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GLOSSARY (Pronunciation)

A Like in ‘but’

Aa Like in ‘Far’

Ai Like in ‘hair’

Ey Like in Whey

I Like in ‘Pin’

Oo Like in ‘Shoot’

Oon ‘n’ has got a nasal sound.

U Like in ‘Put’


Sanskrit believes that the sound of the word never gets ruined and that it has an everlasting value.

Words in Sanskrit open out from their seed (beej) form.

A root is always a single syllable that contains one of the basic sounds a, I, u, ri

The root or seed may create a word, yet the word will vibrate to its best, and gives it tremendous power.

The Vedic or the Sanskrit view gives more importance to the special sound it should produce, than to the meaning of the spoken word.