Mantra for Fitness & Meditation

From Srimad Bhagvad Geeta

VI/ 26 Chapter 6 Verse 26:
Sri Bhagavan uvaacha
Yato yato nishcharati manas chanchalam asthiram
Tatastato niyam yaitat aatmanyeva vasham nayet

From whatever cause the restless and unsteady mind wanders away, from that let him restrain it and bring it under the control of the self alone.

My interpretation:
As simple as that…Sit, meditate, chant a mantra, look upon your favorite Deity, a rose, a beautiful sunset…yet the mind will wander…all ones needs to do, is become aware that the mind has wandered…and bring it back under control…According to me ‘under control’ is becoming aware…

GLOSSARY (Pronunciation):

A Like in ‘but’

Aa Like in ‘Far’

Ai Like in ‘hair’

Ey Like in Whey

I Like in ‘Pin’

Oo Like in ‘Shoot’

Oon ‘n’ has got a nasal sound.

U Like in ‘Put’


Sanskrit believes that the sound of the word never gets ruined and that it has an everlasting value.

Words in Sanskrit open out from their seed (beej) form.

A root is always a single syllable that contains one of the basic sounds a, I, u, ri

The root or seed may create a word, yet the word will vibrate to its best, and gives it tremendous power.

The Vedic or the Sanskrit view gives more importance to the special sound it should produce, than to the meaning of the spoken word.