Mantra for a Child

This mantra may be recited for getting a son, or for childless couples, who want a child.

1)Devaki-sut Govinda Vasudeva Jagatpate
Dehi me tanayam Krishna Tvaamaham sharanam gataha

O Son of Devaki and Vasudeva, the Lord of the Universe
O Krishna! give me a son; I take refuge in you

As such, the result is up to the Lord.  We do our best, but in the end, He knows what is good for us.  I cannot promise that this mantra will work, but faith is known to move mountains.

Another Krishna Mantra for getting a child

Om namo Bhagvate jagat prasutaye namah

Protection during childbirth

Om hraam hreem hum

kuru kuru swaha

(hum pronounced like the ‘hoon’ of main aisaa hoon)

2)Gauri Mantra for: 

Acheiving child, son, spouse, prosperity

Gauraageem Dhrut Pankaja

Trinaya naam Shvetaambaraam

Sinha gaam Chandrod Bhaashit Shekharaam Smit mukheem

Dobhhyarhu vahteem gadaam

Vidhi Chandraambuj yochi kaam tridasheiha

Sampoojitaam dhrid va yom Gaureem

Maana sapam kaje Bhagavateem Bhakteshta daam taam bhaje

The Mantra describes the smiling countenance of Gauri Mata

and requests the fulfillment of desire.

A mala (rosary) of 108 beeds is recommended to be chanted.

 The beej (seed) Mantra of Gauri Mata


Aum Hreem Shreem Glaum ga Gaureem Geem Svaahaa

Blessings for a child

Make a prayer to Santhana Gopala by chanting the following mantra 108 times a day for 108 days after bath.

Santhana Gopala Mantra

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda
Vasudeva Jagath Pathe
Dehimey Thanayam
Krishna Thwamaham
Kadhahaa Deva Deva
Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho
Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram
Ayushmandham Yashashreenam !

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GLOSSARY (Pronunciation)

A Like in ‘but’

Aa Like in ‘Far’

Ai Like in ‘hair’

Ey Like in Whey

I Like in ‘Pin’

Oo Like in ‘Shoot’

Oon ‘n’ has got a nasal sound.

U Like in ‘Put’


Sanskrit believes that the sound of the word never gets ruined and that it has an everlasting value.

Words in Sanskrit open out from their seed (beej) form.

A root is always a single syllable that contains one of the basic sounds a, I, u, ri

The root or seed may create a word, yet the word will vibrate to its best, and gives it tremendous power.

The Vedic or the Sanskrit view gives more importance to the special sound it should produce, than to the meaning of the spoken word.