Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

Thought One

Lord Shiva is affectionately called ‘Bhola Bhandari’ which means that He is ‘easy to please’.

You perform certain Rituals and the Lord blesses you and answers your prayers.

The Crescent Moon that adorns His head indicate that He is the Lord of time, as people of yore would read the time by the movement of the Sun and Moon.

The ash that He smears on His body denote that He is an Ascetic. Snakes adorn His neck and arms, showing that He is unafraid.

Lord Shiva has been called ‘The Nataraja’ The Lord of the Dance. Birth and Death, Formation and Decay, Change and Movement occur all the time as it is the Law of the Universe. The above is symbolized in the Dance of Shiva.

Thought Two

When as Nataraja, Lord Shiva dances the dance of Creation, He  crushes ignorance under His left foot. Some know Him as the Destroyer. However He is the Creator of Time as is symbolised by His adorning His tresses with the Crescent moon.  In High Philosophical terms it is believed that Shivji is the ‘Non-Being’  who became the Spirit and said: “Let me become.  “He is the Lord of nature.  He is considered the Lord of meditation and the Ascetic One. From His head spring Purity Itself: The Ganga. Shivji  is benign and destructive. He is fierce and beneficent. He is easily pleased. Hence He is called ‘Bhola’

He is Master of the serpents. Shivji uses them as ornaments. He is the Lord of the tiger. Shivji sits on its skin. Maybe His drum symbolises  the heart-beat of Creation. From His hands and head flow benediction for Mankind. He owns innumerable forms and names. Shivji transcends good and evil and is beyond joy and sorrow. He is part of, and yet beyond the polarities of life. Probably the reason why so many are attracted to Shivji is because in Him they witness the complete Cosmic force. So many remain loyal to Shivji for life because He liberates them from the
eternal cycle of birth and rebirth.

His wife Parvati, is Shakti Itself! His son Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles! May the Divine family look benevolently upon our home and Hearths. 

Har Har Mahadev!