The place, where it is believed, Krishna sang the Divine Song: “The Bhagvad Geeta”

Geeta Upadesh

I had gone to Chandigad (Punjab) for a wedding. As we drove from Delhi to Chandigad, we passed by a sign, which led to Kurukshetra. I was thrilled! The reason being that I had wished to visit the place since a very long time! But I suppose, I was not destined to do so earlier. I believe in ‘Bulaava‘ which means that one cannot visit Spiritual places, until the Deity calls one. You could say that, that, is true of any kind of travel. You may be right…and then you may be wrong!

My experience: An Indian friend who came (all the way from Australia) with us, refused to budge from, where we had tea. He just would not enter the pilgrimage places! I asked him for a good reason. He had none! Anyway, on my way back from Chandigad to Delhi and Bombay, I set foot in Kurukshetra, the Birthplace of the Holy Geeta and the land where the great War of Mahabharata was fought!

The Vaman Puraan tells us that Lord Brahma created Man and the Universe in Kurukshetra, where a huge water body called the Brahma Sarovar lies. It is believed that a dip in these holy waters, on the days of an Eclipse and Amaavasya (Moonless night) will absolve one of sins committed. Legend says that the Sannihit Sarovar (1 Km away from Brahma Sarovar) was filled with holy water that flowed from Brahma’s navel. I visited the Bheeshma Kund Baan Ganga.

I felt blessed when I stood on the grounds of Jyotisar, the birthplace of the Bhagvad Geeta, the spot where the Lord of Lords sang His Divine Song. The guide explained to me, that that spot is the center point from where the 2 mighty armies, stood, ready to fight. This was the crowning glory of my Spiritual Travel. Krishna is my Ishta Devta.

I have visited Mathura, the jail in which He was born. I have walked the gardens of Vrindaavan, where everyone fell under the spell of His magic flute. I have walked the road to Barsaana, where RadhaRani spent her childhood! I have been in Dwarka, where Krishna reigned as King. I have set foot on the place where Krishna renounced His body (This place is near Somnath Temple called Prayaas Kshetra, if I remember right)

And now I was in Kurukshetra! Wow! Could not believe my luck! I gazed upon the image of Lord Krishna and Arjuna immortalized in marble. I stood under the banyan tree believed to be an off-shoot of the original one. I decided to spend a few moments there, and I stepped on to a small water body. I just went down one step, and I slipped…I slipped again and I lay on my side, on the step under barely 6 ins of water, fully drenched! People rushed towards me. I was not at all hurt! I was just laughing at the will of the Lord! It was like Krishna was telling me: “Do you think I am going to let you go from here, unaffected?” Touched I was! And blessed!

Later, I visited the Sri Krishna Museum. Quite nice, really. With objects that celebrate the theme of Lord Krishna! One of the highlights in Kurukshetra is the Panorama Project. It is a cylindrical structure. It has a 34ft high depiction of the Mahabharata battlefield. The battle comes alive with special acoustic effects.

Oh! It was beautiful! What? The Experience of having stepped back into time. And forward, also! Now every time I read the Geeta, I see Him a little clearer!