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Kimatrai Building in Hyderabad Sind still majestically stands

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Nukh: – Phul Vadiya.

The following appears in Sind je Hindun jee Tareek by Diwan Bhurumal Mahirchand Advani:

During the Japanese war of 1942, Sindhis suffered huge losses. Many were confined to detention camps and many killed.

Subash Chander Bose, after escaping from India to Germany, visited Far East and South East Asia. He received overwhelming support from Sindhis.

Due to Second World War, Sindhis ventured out throughout India.  

Leading at Madras: M/s. Chellaram Gianchand. The family split giving birth to 3 firms. M/s. Chellaram Gianchand, M/s. Kishinchand Chellaram and M/s. Kewalram Chellaram.

Calcutta: M/s. Tarachand Parsram Jewelers. Late Rai Bahadur Mohandas Vaswani was their manager at one time. 

Rangoon: M/s. Gunomal Parasram, M/s T. Khemchand Tejumal and others.

Ahmedabad: M/s. Jhamatmal Kimatrai’s Art Silk Mill and Surat: M/s. K. N. Dhanamal’s Art Silk Mill. 

Shikarpuris were spread out through out India. Whilst Amils at Bombay.

Sindwork Merchants Association: –

The Sindwork Merchants Association was founded in the year 1918. Its first president, Mukhi Harkishindas presided for twelve years. 

 Foreign Remittances to Sind: – 

 According to information gathered by Diwan Bherumal in the year 1947, Sindworkees Bhaibunds remitted over Rupees Two and Half Crores from Overseas to Hyderabad every year. Remittances by Shikarpuris were in addition to this.

Bhai Gianchand migrated to Sind from Punjab and settled at Khudabad, the capital of Sind then. 

Some of his brothers went to Lahore, Dadoo, Sakhar and Khairpur. 

Bhai Gianchand’s roots are connected with those of Bhai Pohoomal Khiani. 

(Narain’s wife: Shakun’s family. It however goes beyond 7 generations)

Bhai Gianchand’s son: Bhai Ramanmal, a merchant, moved to Hyderabad, but realizing it was a very small market and seeing no potential, he went to Bombay. Bhai Ramanmal was the first Sindworkee to sail in a Dinghy (a small boat) from Karachi to Bombay. He was called Bhai Ramanmal Bumbai Waro (Bombay wala – From Bombay). Till 1947, the Gianchandanis were called ‘Bombai wara’.

While at Khudabad and later at Hyderabad, Bhai Ramanmal had developed rapport with the Mir and had close contacts with them. On his return to Hyderabad, Bhai Ramanmal presented them with gifts that he had brought from Bombay, consisting of Clocks, Glassware etc.   


Bhai Ramanmal had two sons: Bhai Damomal and Bhai Kimatrai.

Bhai Damomal’s Family: – Bhai Damomal had two sons: Bhai Tolaram and Bhai Manghanmal.

 Bhai Tolaram was born in the year 1858. He was also a trader but devoted time to religious activity and participated in the Panchayat (social) and Municipal affairs. He was respected in the city and a street was named after him. Bhai Tolaram expired in the year 1932 at the ripe age of 74. 

 Bhai Tolaram’s sons: Bhai Gunomal, Bhai Tarachand, and Bhai Hassomal. 

 Bhai Tarachand son: Mr. Bhagwan. He lives in Mumbai.

 Bhai Hassomal’s sons are settled at Lagos Nigeria and else where. 

Bhai Damomal’s other son was Bhai Manghanmal. He had three sons: M/s. Tirthdas, Gulabrai and Mulchand. They opted for higher education. 

Mr. Tirthdas went abroad and became a Barrister. He realized that the Europeans would find it difficult to pronounce his surname, choose to call himself  ‘Giani’ instead. All his cousins are now called ‘Giani’.

Mr. Mulchand Giani married the daughter of Rai Bahadur Diwan Pribhdas Shewakram Advani, pioneer of ‘Nav Vidyalaya High School’, Hyderabad. Rai Bahadur Diwan Pribhdas’ nephew Mr. Motiram Dalpatrai Advani, in the year 1947, was senior Income Tax Officer at Bombay.


 Bhai Kimatrai’s Family: –

 Bhai Ramanmal’s other son was Bhai Kimatrai. 

Bhai Kimatrai had six sons: Bhai Naraindas (Narumal), Bhai Jhamatmal, Bhai Tahilram, Bhai Issardas, Bhai Valiram, Bhai Verhomal and a daughter Shrimati Totibai.

Bhai Naraindas had two sons: Bhai Shamdas and Bhai Sadhumal.

 Bhai Shamdas had one son named Mr. Kotumal. His (Kotumal’s) son is settled some where in either Spain or South America.

 Bhai Sadhumal had one son named Mr. Lekhraj. Mr. Lekhraj’s son and daughter are settled at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


 Bhai Jhamatmal’s Family: –

(Translator’s (Narain’s) Grandfather).

Bhai Jhamatmal was born at Hyderabad in the year 1860, and married into Mayaramani family. He was a religious and pious man and kept company with like-minded people. He was closely associated with Bhai Kalachand Gidwani, a renowned Sant of that time. Together they started a Sat Sangh (spiritual get together) which came to known as ‘Bhai Jhamatmal Sat Sangh’. Around 100 persons attended and participated every morning and evening. Rations (food) were provided to the needy. This carried on until the partition of India (1947). Entire expense after Bhai Jhamatmal’s demise was borne by his son Bhai Sobhraj, translators’ father. 

Being religious and pious did not deter Bhai Jhamatmal from attending to and expanding his business. His cloth shop was, since the days of the Mirs, located at Shahi Bazaar near Khumbati Ghitti. The shop operated for fifty years. 

 In the year 1890, Bhai Jhamatmal started his Sindwork at Rangoon Burma in partnership with Bhai Nanikram Menghraj. Business flourished and Bhai Jhamatmal continued with his charitable activity with more zeal. 

 Bhai Jhamatmal expired at the age of 68 in the month of August 1926. He left behind his two sons Bhai Sobhraj and Bhai Lalchand. Bhai Lalchand expired prior to 1947 and did not have any children.


 Bhai Sobhrajmal’s Family: –

Bhai Sobhraj was born at Hyderabad on Feb. 7th 1891, and followed his fathers footsteps. He participated in the Sat Sangh and continued the charitable work. 

Bhai Sobhraj joined Sindwork and spent much time in Japan. He expended his business and established offices at Ahmedabad, Bombay, Delhi, Japan, Java, Sumatra, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore, Rangoon, Saigon, France and London. He was the first Sindhi to install an Art Silk Mill at Ahmedabad in 1937 under the name of The Nanikram Sobhraj Mills Ltd. 

At Hyderabad, Bhai Sobhraj’s Kothi (office) was located just out side the Qilla, at the Fort’s end of Shahi Bazaar.      

 Bhai Sobhraj was twice elected as The President of Sindwork Merchants Association and was connected with the Khudabad Bhaibund Panchayat and other associations. He was also Justice of Peace.   



Translator’s (Narain’s) Note. 

 “My father, Bhai Sobhraj married my mother Shrimati Kishnibai nee Tikka daughter of Bhai Deomal Gopwani from Halla. He (my father) expired in 1978 at Bombay and my mother expired in 1980. 

 My father Bhai Sobhraj had five sons and six daughters, however only four sons and four daughters survived infancy: 

 Son Mr. Vishindas married Mohini Fatehchand Hathiramani. They have three daughters and one son named: – 

 Saroj, married to Dayal Damodar Chanrai. They have two children named Navin and Kirti. Both are married.

 Veena, married Ashok Chaturbhuj Kirpalani. They have three children named Suvidha, Jasodha, and son Dushant.

 Kailash a.k.a. Harish, married Ravina Mohan Thadani. They have two children named Shubir and Karishma.

Chitra, married Gobind Ramchand Khemlani. They have two children named Lisha and Suvir. 

Son Uttam: He expired prior to partition and was not married.

Son Ram, married Chandra Parmanand Mahtani. They have one    

daughter: Meenal. 

Meenal is married to Deepak Kishinchand Kirpalani also known as Roopchand. They have two sons named Rohit and Harsh. 

 I, Narain also known as Nari am the youngest son. I am married to Shakun nee Vimlu Jamnadas Khiani. We have three children. 

 Our son Sunder is married to Saira Maneck Hiranandani. They have two daughters named Aysha and Shazia and a son named Jai

Our second child, daughter, Madhavi is married to Mohan Gurbux Hathiramani a.k.a. Thawardas. They have two sons named Aditya and Kiran.

Our third child is Anuja. She has married Rajiv Hinduja in 2014.


My (Narain’s) sisters:

Ishwari, married to Gulu Metharam Kirpalani. Both now deceased. They   have two children: Helena (Sonu) and son Rajesh.

Rajesh is married to Andrea Bharatmal Mayaramani of Chile. Rajesh has a daughter name Diana.  

Janki, married to Gul (Gobind) Vasanmal Lekhraj a.k.a. Ramchandani. Gul is also known as Dr. G.Vee. He is Ph.D. They have two daughters Sabina  and Manju. 

Sabina, married Anup Keshav Sakhrani. They have two children named Ishan and Ria.

Manju, married to Ashok Bhagwandas Melwani. They have three children named Manish, Manav, and Naomi.

Indira, married  Hotan Kishinchand

Indira expired some years ago. They have two children.

Jagdish  married Vanita nee Jaya Hundlani and have two sons named Akash and Ajay. 

Last but not the least, My youngest sister Vidya, married Ramkrishin Parsram (Chhatlani).   


Bhai Kimatrai’s other children.

Bhai Issardas Kimatrai left behind one son named Bhai Thaumal. He expired 

after partition at Bombay and had no issues.

Bhai Tahilram son of Bhai Kimatrai had three sons: Bhai Gobindram, Bhai 

Topandas and Bhai Tiloomal.

Bhai Gobindram Kimatrai had three children: Meena Vashi and Kanhaiya. 

Bhai Topandas Kimatrai had three children: Lal, Narain and Kishin.

Bhai Tiloomal Kimatrai’s son was Ishwardas. He left behind one son, who I  believe is in Spain.

Bhai Valiram Kimatrai left behind no issues.   

Bhai Verhomal Kimatrai did not marry.

Bhai Kimatrai’s daughter Totibai married Tarachand Chandiramani and

had two sons: Mr. Naraindas and Mr. Hassaram.

Bhai Naraindas had four children: Sundri, Mohini, Leela and a Son Bhagwan. 

Bhagwan married daughter of Mr. Parmanand Vaswani and have children. They are settled at Montreal, Canada. 

Bhai Hassaram married Parpati and had one daughter named Ruprani. 

She is married to Ramesh son of Bhai Kundandas R. Samtani.


‘The Source of Sindhi Surnames’ is a translation into English, by Mr. Narain Sobhraj Kimatrai from the original in Sindhi by Mr. Diwan Bherumal Mahirchand Advani