The Khiani Chapter


The Khiani Mansion in Hyderabad Sind




A note from Shakun Narain Kimatrai/ Khiani: 

I am a descendant of the Khiani family.

They were/are also known as Pohukhianis.

The Khiani surname belongs the paternal side of my family.

Though I have tried my best to update the family tree, to the best of my capacity, there may be some omissions or errors which are not intentional. Please let me know who I have missed out, from which family branch and I shall be happy to add their name or/and correct any mistakes…


The following appears in: ‘Sind jay Hindun jee Tareek’ written by Diwan Bherumal Mahirchand Advani in 1946 and translated by Narain Sobhraj Kimatrai.

…Wanting to expand their wings and boundaries, Bhai Jairamdas Pohumal Dhansinghani, Bhai Dharamdas Panjumal and Bhai Dingomal Baloomal left Hyderabad for Bombay. Later Bhai Tarachand Parsram Jeweler and hundreds more followed them.

From Bombay, the Hyderabadi Bhaibunds ventured out to Colombo and Rangoon. Amongst the first settlers in Colombo were Mukhi Sukhramdas Hiranand, Bhai Dharamdas Panjumal, M/s Hardaramani and others. 

Bhai Dharamdas Panjumal landed first in Rangoon, followed by Bhai Gunomal Parsram Jeweler, Bhai Lekhraj, Bhai Jhamatmal Kimatrai and others

With the opening of Suez Canal in 1869, Steamers (ships) started touching Bombay. Bhai Pohumal Khiamal of M/s. Pohumal Brothers sailed to Cairo (Egypt) and Europe, whilst Bhai Wassiomal of M/s. Wassiamal Assumal left for Singapore. Both left their homeland with intend to try their luck overseas. They carried with them Sindhi and Indian commercial goods for sale abroad. There, they lived a simple life. After a few years of  staying  abroad and accumulating great wealth, they returned to Hyderabad. The wealth they brought back became the envy of their friends and relatives. Soon others followed their tracks.  

Three Sindhi firms were considered as pioneers: M/s. Pohumal Bros., M/s. Dhanamal Chelaram and M/s. Wassiamal Assumal. Later, the number grew”.

Diwan Bherumal wrote in his second volume published in 1947: “Sindhis have been in Malta for over seventy years”. 

He adds, “One also finds Sindhis at Gibraltar, Falkland Islands and Pohumal Bros. in South America”.

In Egypt: Pohumal Bros., Syria: Mukhi Hiranand Tarachand, North Africa: Pessumal Mulchand, Gibraltar and West Africa: J. T. Chanrai, Kishinchand Chellaram, Metharam Jassumal, M. Dialdas and others.

 Sindwork Merchants Association: –

The Sindwork Merchants Association was founded in the year 1918. Its first president, Mukhi Harkishindas presided for twelve years.

Foreign Remittances to Sind: – 

According to information gathered by Diwan Bherumal in the year 1947, Sindworkees Bhaibunds remitted over Rupees Two and Half Crores from Overseas to Hyderabad every year. Remittances by Shikarpuris were in addition to this…

The following is an update that I (Shakun Narain Kimatrai, born Khiani, daughter of Mr Jamnadas Pesumal Khiani and Mrs Lajwanti, daughter of Dayaram and Radhibai Uttamchandani) have gathered. I have been told that though the Khiani beginnings were humble, at their peak, they owned 96 firms spread around the globe.



Mr. Khiamal had 5 sons:

1)      Pohumal

2)      Sahijram

3)      Moolchand

4)      Valiram

5)      Lekhraj

According to Mr Vashi Pohoomal Mr. Sahijram was the youngest son of Mr. Khiamal


Mr Pohumal initially sold scarves, on the street.

He obviously had charisma and potential as the ‘English’ noticed him and took him, by sea to Egypt, where he sold carpets.

I am told that Thomas Cook offered Mr Pohoomal  a partnership which the latter refused. He went on his own to Cairo and started a business named ‘Pohumal Brothers’

Mr. Pohumal  had a son called Naraindas whose wife was named ‘Phuliwari’ which means ‘The One who wears a nose ring.’ I (Shakun) remember meeting her. She was a beautiful fair lady, and I am told that she was the first woman to accompany her husband overseas.


Mr Sahijram’s   children were:

1)      Lokumal

2) Jamnabai

3)      Ishwardas

4)      Jasotibai

5)      Lachmandas

For descendants click on:

Mr Lokumal Sahijram’s children



Mr Moolchand’s children were:

1)    Chandanmal

2)    Pessumal

3)    Ramchand

For Mr Chandanmal’s descendants click here

For Mr Pessumal’s descendants click here

For Mr Ramchand’s descendants click here


Mr Valiram’s children:

1)      Bulchand

2)      Gunomal

3)      Rijhumal

4)      Hiranand


Mr. Gunomal Valiram’s children:

1 son, Mohan and 2 sisters, Hari and Kiki

1)Mohandas had 5 daughters and 3 sons.

One of his daughters is Vydia (Seema) married in the Mulchandani family

2) Hari Gunomal married into the Kirpalani family

3) Kiki Gunomal married Atmaram Mulchandani

    Mr Rijhumal Valiram Khiamal’s children:

1)     Mithoo married Jyotu Aasoomal  

Mithoo and Jyotu’s children:

Their children: 

1)Sanjay married Reshma Mahtani and have a son Rahul

2)     Priya is engaged to be married

3) Devansh (not yet married)  

2)     Nari married Papu (Jyoti Moolchand Melwani)

3)     Sunder married to Laju Lekhraj Melwani 

Their children:
1) Manoj married Darshana Sharad Shah (July 2003)
2) Manesha (not yet married)

4)     Janki married to Mukhis

5)     Gopi married to Melwanis

6)     Laxmi

7)     Sushila

8)     Manjri



Mr Hiranand 

Mr Hiranand sired a son: Motiram

Motiram  and Rajni 

3 sons and 2 daughters:

Arjan married Malti  

Their children: Rishi married Sherina, 



Raj married Sonia 

Sired one son: Nikhil

Ashok married Shyla  

(Their children: 



Asha (Shalini) married Vinod  

Their children: 

Arun wed Hansa ( daughter of Jagdish and Bharati Chanrai) and has a son named Raam.

Anand wed Nisha, they have a daughter: Naya


Meena married Nirmal  

Their children: 

Parineeta wed Nishu, 

Maya wed Jay 




Mr Lekhraj’s children:

1)      Kishinchand

had a daughter called Yashoda

2)      A daughter


Mr Sahijram’s children:

1) Mr. Lokumal

2) Ms Jamnabai

3) Mr. Ishwardas

4) Ms Jasoti

5) Mr Lachmandas



Mr Lokumal’s Sahijram’s children


1)Gobindram married Devibai Daswani

2)    Satibai married Kishinchand Vaswani

3)      Babu (Harkishin) married Padu Uttamchandani

4)       Pishu Lokumal Sahijaram married Nirmala Ramchand Wadhwani 

They sired Renu and Mahesh 

Renu married Mahesh Ajwani 

Mahesh married Wendy Kingsburgh 

5) Kala married Sobhraj Sadarangani

6) Janki married Arjan Daryanani

7) Bhagwani married Geeta Melwani

8)      Rukmani married Gobind Vaswani

9)      Chandru married Margo Ramchandani

10) Duri 


Gobindram Lokumal Sahijram’s children:

Vashi married to Veena Vaswani and sired Venita and Vivek

Venita married Shyam Hathiramani and sired Vinisha, Amrit and Sohini

Vivek married Tina Chanrai ( daughter of Jagdish and Bharati Chanrai) and sired Rehana Ranya (Twin girls) and Aman and Shiv

Shakun married to Arjan Melwani and sired Kishore and Satesh

3)     Ashok married Durga Sadhwani and sired Sharmili and Monica.

Sharmili married Kushal Kapoor.

4)     Vinod married Bina Nathani and Vinnie, Babita and Vishal

Satibai married Kishinchand Vaswani and sired:

Gopal and Kikloo ( Rajni)

Gopal married Kanta and sired: Kaushik, Kanchan and Vivek

Kikloo married Gobind Daryanani and sired: Ratan and Pooni

Ratan married Santosh Bajaj and sired: Rahul and Suraj

Pooni married Karan Chulani and sired: Venisha


Babu (Harkishin) Lokumal Sahijram married Padu Uttamchandani 

Babu and Padu’s children:

1)      Mohan married Gauri Daftary and sired Ashika amd Ishaan

2)      Nitu married Meenu Aasoomal and sired Shaheena


Pishu Lokumal Sahijram married Nirmala Ramchand  

Renu and Mahesh

Kala married Sobharaj Sadarangani and sired Ajit and Narendra

Ajit married Geetu Notani and sired Pooja and Karan

Narendra married Alka and sired Sunaina, Supreeya and Kiran

Janki married Arjan Daryanani and sired: 

Mahesh, Mukesh, Anita and Deepu

Deepu married Shandy Nawalrai(Hathiramani).. who is also the sister of Deena who is married 

to Sanjay Vaswani (son of Gobind & Kavita Vaswani—(Kavita is sister of Janki Khiani)


Bhagwani married Geeta Melwani and sired:

Rita and Jyoti

Jyoti married Manoj Bharvani and sired: Shaan and Talia

Kavita (Rukmani) married Govind Vaswani and sired: 

Sunil, Sanjay and Sherry

Sunil married Karishma Chandiramani and sired:

Rohan and Simran

Sanjay married Dina Hathiramani and sired Ria and Jai

Sherry married Suresh Punjabi 

Chandru married Margo Ramchandani and sired: Manoj and Gautam


Mr Ishwardas children:

1)      Gul

2)      Hari

3)      Vijay

4)      Laju (a daughter)


    Mr Lachmandas’ and Mrs Sati Daswani’schildren

1)      Veena

Veena married Bhagwan Mirpuri and sired 2 daughters:

Veena’s daughter Renu married Sunil Daswaney and sired twins:

Akash and Amrit

Veena’s daughter Sonu married Sanjay Chandiramani and have a daughter

called ‘Aanchal’

2)      Ramesh

Ramesh married Shalini Mukhey 

They have a son named Saahil

Also a daughter called Ekta



1)     Chandanmal

2)     Pesumal

3)     Ramchand




1)   Satibai married Lekhraj Aasoomal

Had 2 sons named Ashok and Haresh

2) Mohini married Shamdas Vaswani

Had 2 sons and 4 daughters named:

Lakhmi, Kamla, Gopal, Jyoti, Shobha and Ramu

3)Satbhama married Hassaram Surtani

Children: Bhagwan, Kishore and Heeru

4)   Rukibai married Gobindram Mukhi

Had one son: Sunil

5)   Kikoo married Hotchand Chatani

Their children: Suresh, Madhu, Geetu and Dinesh

6)   Lacchu married Kamla Bherumal Melwani

Children: Renu and Mahesh

7)   Meenu (Kamla) married Arjan Melwani

Children: Prakash, Haresh and Poonam

8)   Rekha (Chandru) married Tilloo Vaswani

9)   Lavina (Padma) married Chaturbhuj Mahboobani

Children: Shalu, Jiten and Anjalina

10)Pushpa (Suchita) married Indru Mukhi

Children: Anil and Reshma  



From left to right: Behind:Lachmi,Mohandas,Jamnadas,Kamlu,Kishinchand

Front: Lala,Lajwanti,Kuntibai, Shakun ne Vimlu


 Mr Pessumal married Kuntibai

Their children:

1)   Jamnadas

2)   Mohandas

3)   Lala (a daughter)


Jamnadas Pesumal Moolchand Khiamal’s children:

1)   Kamlu married Rijhumal Lakhani

2)   Vimlu (Shakun) married Narain Sobhraj Kimatrai


Kamlu and Rijhumal’s children:

1)Raju married Priya

Have 2 sons: Rusheel and Saahil

2) Deepu (not married yet)

3) Neetu married Haresh Vaswani. 

Have a daughter: Jina


Shakun and Narain Kimatrai’s children:






Sunder married Saira Hiranandani

Their children: 



3) Jai



Madhavi married Mohan Thawardas Hathiramani

Their children: 2 sons

1) Aditya

2) Kiran


Anuja has yet to meet her mate.


 Mohandas Pesumal Moolchand Khiamal has a daughter:

Anju married to Ramesh Daswani

Anju and Ramesh have 3 sons:

Manoj, Navin and Mahesh



Lalabai married Kishinchand Mahtani 

have a son:





2) Dayal

3) Jaikrishin married Veenu (Maiden name: Mohini Khemlani)

and sired 5 children:

 Deepa (married name: Rani) married Monesh Ramchandani

Jaikrishen’s other children: Kamal, Sanjay, Laveena and Jyoti

4) Vashi married Barbara and sired a son Sunil and daughters, Neeta and Rekha

5) Devi

6) Gope 

7) Kamla  

8) Bhagu

9) Nari


My Nani’s name was Radhibai.

She was the eldest daughter of Shyamdas Hiranand Vassiamal Aasoomal and Motabai

Her younger sisters were named: Ganguli, Devi and Mitthi.

Shyamdas was a very wealthy man. In the 30s/40s he owned various Sindhi dharamshaalas in Amritsar, Haridwar…In Hyderabad he owned a Musaafir Khaana. In Bombay, Sadguru Sadan opposite Babulnath Temple was built by him.

Shyamdas made a will in the 30s/40s whereby all the daughters received the princely sum of Rs 125 monthly and Rs 10,000 at the time of the wedding of the boys and 15000 for the marriage expenditure of all his daughters, and subsequent children.

Hiranand (Shyamdas’ brother) sired 4 sons:

Dholandas, Topandas, Gangaram, and Vatumal.

My Nana’s name was Dayaram Gaganmal Ramchand Uttamchandani

He was God fearing, spiritual and well respected man.

He married Radhibai and sired 6 children (4 daughters and 2 sons)

Paru, Devi, Durupadi (Lajwanti, my mother), Gordhan, Khubo, Guli

Paru married J. Khiani

Devi (Leela) married Gangaram Daryanani

Gordhan married Kamla Kirpalani

Khubo married Ganga (Indra) Sadhwani

Guli married Tarachand Daswani

The Uttamchandanis were land-owners (Zamindars)

Mr. Tolaram owned land in Khorway

(The Chanrais are Uttamchandani)

My Nana Dayaram’s brothers and sisters:


2 Sisters who died 1 year after marriage

Putlibai married into an Advani family

Savitri married Naraindas Balani

Muli married Bhagwandas (V. Lilaram)

Sundri married into the Alimchandani family

Hargun married Padma

Daulat married Vimla (Lalu, V. Lilaram, Manila)

Bhagwan married Veena (Sundri Karnani)

Arjan married Manju Ramchand Vaswani

Gobind died at the age of 15 years

Mithoo married Duru (Sundri) Harjani

Kikkoo married Ram

Gaganmal Ramchand (G. Ramchand)

had a son: Jeevatram

Jeevatram’s son Ajit married Mona

Jeevatram’s other son Khubchand married Meenu

Jeevatram’s 3rd son is Murli

Comments from:

Shashi Keshab Assomull Shashi Keshab Dholandas 


I wanted to thank you for putting this information on the internet. I’m currently trying to trace my family’s roots and this has been quite a help. I was hoping you’d have some information on my mother’s side, her surname is Ramnani.

I was also hoping you had additional information on my father’s side, which is Assomull. I noticed some information on the Assomull’s (within the Khiani chapter), but nothing directly tracing their history. Please do get back to me as soon as you can. Especially with information on the Ramnani’s if you have any.

Sincerely, Shashi Keshab Assomull Shashi Keshab Dholandas

PS. My direct male family line follows: Nanomull Assomull (brother of Wassiamull Assomull) sired Dholandas Nanomull Assomull who sired Murli Dholandas Assomull who sired Keshab Murli Assomull who sired myself Shashi Keshab Dholandas Assomull and my brother Sacha Keshab Dholandas Assomull. 

A note from Mahesh Pohoomul:

 Hi there, We find your site fascinating and certainly took a lot of effort to put together. We have an update and are hoping that you might be able to update the info. Wendy Kingsburgh, and myself Mahesh Pohoomull have had a baby boy by the name of Jay Mahesh Pohoomull, and he is now 15 months old. He was born Sept 14th 2006. Best Regards Mahesh


A Note : 06th Oct 2012

I am Sunil son of Vashi grandson of Ramchand Moolchand. I was wondering if it would be possable to add to my fathers (Vashi’s) list of names. My oldest sister Neeta married Rod Cope, I Sunil am divorced but I have sole custody of a beautyful daughter Rushna Khiani, and my younger sister Rekha is married to Nick Elander. Thank you so much I am just tring to keep the site up to date. Again Thank you

Letter/ update from Manoj Khiani , August 2016

Dear Aunty Shakun
Thank you. I am Chandru Khiani’s son, Manoj. My dad’s father was called Lokumal Khiani (son of Saijram). I married Suman melwani from Bangalore- we have a daughter called Maira.
Thank you for all the effort.