Kanhai Art


From left to right, Jyoti Chatani, myself, Govind and Krishna Kanhai

There was a Divine exhibition on at the Nehru Center, Worli, Bombay. 
 on September 2004.
You just had to see it to believe it! There were gold paintings embellished with Svarowski and semi-precious stones!

The Indian tradition of making pure gold leaf paintings dates back to several centuries.

Gradually the use of precious stones also commenced for decorating the paintings.

The decline was even faster than the rise and it reached almost the verge of extinction, lingering only at a few places with difficulty. Even today, this prestigious, exquisite art form is one of the almost forgotten art forms of the past. Behind its survival, the contribution of  Kanhai  and his sons Krishn and Govind is remarkably the most.
The family is definitely blessed!

The paintings are described as “glittering poems in colour”
Father and son, both, have received the ‘Padma Shri’ from the President.
I took an old painting I had bought in Vrindavan in 1985 and wonder of wonders, it was genuine.
I could not resist getting another one for my coming birthday!
The exhibition is a  feast for the eyes and heart! 
Their website is www.kanhaigoldenartindia.com
But you have to see the real thing to believe it!
I love what is written on their brochure:

“Art is a collaboration between god and the artist, the less the artist does, the better”