India Maa

Thought on Maa Indira Devi

Thought One

I loved Ma Indira Devi. She left for her Home on New Year’s eve last year. I miss her, and I think of her with great love. I had been in search of a guru for a long time. I had gone to Pune one August and was to return back after one day stay. However Destiny willed it otherwise.

Because of heavy rains, the trains were cancelled, so I had to return to the city. I went to visit Ma. On an impulse, I asked her: “Will you guide me Ma?” 

She Answered: ” Yes! We will go hand in hand, like a mother, daughter, two sisters…”

In one of her lectures she said: “‘…to me a ‘guru’ does not represent the ‘Maker of the Universe’…for me a guru is a guide who I trust and who is ahead, in a path that I wish to tread,  he is a friend to who,  my heart can easily say ‘yes’.

Ma was, sorry IS,  this to me and more. 

If you want to know more about her, please read the Tribute that I wrote for her last  year, which appeared in the ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’ journal.

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