Hanumanji and Saturn

Saturn is ‘Shani’ in Sanskrit and is one of the 9 planets.

His position is considered most important in the study of astrology.

Astrology is known as ‘Jyotish’ in Sanskrit. ‘Jyotir Vidya’ is the knowledge of Light.

One needs more than knowledge, to understand the way the 9 planets affect human life.

One needs insight and to be Spiritual in the true sense to be able to interpret Human Destiny as dictated by the position of Heavenly bodies in a person’s birth chart.

Saturn  is considered the harbinger of  bad luck.

But is he? I mean a harbinger of bad luck. I think that he is the greatest teacher. And as is often the case, if the teacher is strict he/she is not very popular. But it is he/she who one looks back upon, as the greatest coach in life.

Most try to reduce Saturn’s ‘malefic’ influence  by giving donations, wearing gems and chanting prayers. However, sadly a lot of us doubt that prayers can change things.

What is it that Shakespeare stated? Something to the effect that more things are wrought by prayer, than it is believed…

Anyway, I have heard that if one is ‘suffering’ because of the positioning of Saturn, in ones chart one should pour oil over Hanumanji.

I heard an interesting story connected with it.

Once, while Hanumanji was busy praying to Lord Rama, Saturn sat on Hanumanji’s head.

Hanumanji tried to get rid of Saturn by pelting stones at him, but Saturn did not budge.

Hanumanji got tired and dived into the sea. Saturn was hurt.

Saturn requested Hanumanji to take him (Saturn) out from the sea, as he was wounded and the salty water was making the pain worse.

Hanumanji told Saturn, that he would only help him out of the water, if he (Saturn) promised, never again to trouble him (Hanumanji)

Hanumanji helped Saturn out of the water, but kept him under his left foot.

Saturn’s body was still burning. Hanumanji said that he would anoint oil to soothe the body of Saturn.

Until today, one finds Saturn’s statue under Hanumanji’s left foot . Oil is poured by the devotee’s of Hanumanji under the latter’s left foot.

You may say that the above story is a myth.

Maybe, maybe not!

If you would like the myth to provide you with a therapeutic remedy for all your ills, allow the intellect to surrender. Allow intuition to take over and let the ‘myth’ become a part of your blood and bones…Then believe…before you perform a so called ritual. It may just be much more powerful than you think.