Guru Purnima

GururBrahmaa GururVishnuhu, GururDevo Maheshwaraha, GururSakshaat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha.

The enlightened Guru is no other than Brahmaa the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.  Guru is truly the Almighty Brahaman; our salutations to Him, the Divine Spiritual Master.

Dhyaana Moolam Guru Moorti,

Pooja moolam Guru padam

Mantra moolam Guru Vaakyam

Moksha moolam Guru Kripa

Guru’s form is the root from which dhyaana takes form,

The Lotus feet of the Guru is the root from which sprout pooja or/and any other kind of austerity

Guru’s word is the root from which sprouts Mantra

Guru’s blessings are the root from which liberation (for the disciple) sprout.

Thought One

Gur-Poornima is the day on which one expresses ones gratitude to ones Guru.

The syllable ‘Gu’ means darkness, the syllable ‘Ru’ means ‘Dispeller–So the word ‘Guru’ would mean ‘the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance.’ According to another interpretation ‘Guru’ means the ‘weighty one’, thereby denoting the spiritual quality in terms of quantity. He/She is heavy with wisdom and learning and ever ready to pour to the thirsty. He/She is like a mature ripe fruit which is ready to fall upon the hungry and deserving.

Since the Guru becomes the means by which one aspires to attain the Lord, it is not uncommon for the Hindu to treat God and the Guru as one. It is said that one ought to have implicit faith in ones Guru, one must serve him/her with ‘Tan-man-dhan’  (Body, mind and wealth). The above is difficult to do today, the world being as commercialized and corrupt.

One must remember that the Scriptures urge, to use ones mind and intellect before making any commitment, even if it is to ones Guru. One can also be ones own ‘Guru’ but that would be difficult. It would be like finding ones way through a jungle without the help of a guide.

Until one decides to make a commitment, ones Guru may be a parent, a friend or ‘The Guru Granth’ (The Book of the Guru). A Guru Granth may also be the Geeta, The Bible or the Koran.