Guru Nanak

Release of ‘Guru Nanak’ by Dr Harish Dhillon (Nov 2005) INDUS SOURCE BOOKS

A biography of Guru Nanak was released at a function organized by the Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity (an initiative of the Times Foundation) and Indus Source Books on Sunday, 6th November. Mr Ram Maheshwary, GM and Branch Head, The Times Group, was chief guest at the occasion. The book has been written by Dr Harish Dhillon, Principal, Yadavindra Public School, Chandigarh. He is the author of several books on Sikhism and the Punjab, as also collections of short stories. The book release was followed by a presentation by the author on Guru Nanak and Shabads rendered by students of Guru Nanak School and Ms Meenu Gidwani with explanations by Ms Shakun Narain

From left Ms Sonavi Desai, Ms Supriya Rai, Mr  Ram Maheshwary, Dr Dhillon, Ms Shakun Narain, A student, Ms Meenu Gidwani

Excerpt from ‘Guru Nanak’ by Dr Harish Dhillon

…My only justification for retelling a story that has already been told often is the firm belief that a story as beautiful and inspiring as Nanak’s needs to be retold as often as possible…

“…The janamasakhis are replete with stories of Nanak performing miracles and displaying supernatural powers, stories that most people have come to believe implicitly forgetting that the only supernatural power Nanak acknowledged was the power of the Supreme Reality and the only miracles he believed in were the miracles performed by God…”

Yet Guru Nanak said ‘Jo maangey Thakur apney te, soee soee soee devey’

which means that whatever Guru Nanak asked for, the Lord granted to him! Is that not a miracle. I believe that when ones intentions are not selfish and ones motive is sincere and one makes a ‘Shubh sankalp” one enters the realm of miracles and the Lord perforce grants!

Above: From left: Ms Supriya Rai, Myself, Ms Sonavi Desai

Both these wonderful ladies, Supriya and Sonavi were deeply influenced by their mother…and love for Music and Culture brought them together.

Supriya used to read Zen Buddhism as a teenager, and was much influenced by its philosophy.

She did an Art of Living Workshop and ‘saw’  Buddha in Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). This Spiritual reaction brought her back to Buddhism and she wrote and released a novel on Buddha.

Sonavi ‘believed’ in Shirdi Sai Baba, had a personal Spiritual experience, which one could safely classify as a ‘miracle’. This ‘happening’made her move towards Spirituality. And she wrote and released a book on Shirdi Sai Baba.

 Sonavi and Supriya felt that children should be exposed to Hindu Culture and Spirituality and believed that there was a need for ‘simply written books’.

They took recourse to a little fiction not deviating from the basic teachings (taken from recorded texts) of the Spiritual characters they were writing about.

Indus Source Books was born out of the desire to promote what they believed in.

So that they continue to pursue their vision it was important that they retain editorial control.

The books that they continue to‘release’ is a symbolic offering to their Master.

I am not surprised that the satisfaction they derive from this effort, far outweighs the material gain!

I wish them all the very best and am so happy to be associated with them!

Shakun Narain