Good Luck, Bad Luck

What is good luck, what is bad luck? Who really knows?

Look back on your life. What you considered bad luck, probably turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

One yearns for material wealth, travel, fame, spouse, children…?

Do we really know, that they will be the harbingers of happiness?

So then why feel jealous of anyone, when they achieve what we so earnestly wish for?

Why waste precious time and effort on envy?

If, however, a certain wish refuses to budge, then state your desire out into the universe, and expect it, to be granted…and go your way rejoicing.

More often than not, doors will open.

It would be a smart move to ask for peace of mind and contentment no matter what life may bring?

And that wish would be granted immediately.


Do not dwell on the past or exist in the future!

Live in the moment, in an attitude of gratitude.

If you feel lost and sad, then watch a sunrise, hug a tree, lift your eyes to the heavens and you will be comforted, because that is what nature is meant to do.

Accept your defeats, flower where you are planted, and you will realize that you are much more capable than you gave yourself credit for.

Spread Love, joy and goodwill and the Universe will return it to you with interest!

Why worry? I have read somewhere that ‘today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday’.

I have also realized that we are unhappy because of our own conditionings. It has been imposed on our belief system that we can only be happy if we are rich, famous, powerful etc. Question your beliefs and superimpose them with a new belief that states that you will be happy no matter what!

Recognize that you hurt because your ego has been bruised or your desire has been obstructed by an obstacle! 

After having done your best, leave the rest! Surrender to Life and Its wisdom! Have faith!

When you accept the real You, fear drops and a certain joy takes its place!