Ghari Puja

Dearest Shakun,

Hari Om! Always glad to hear from you. My friend’s daughter is getting married to a foreigner. Now, she wants to know the validity of the ghari puja. What is the reason? Is it essential or can she eliminate it. She is a Sindhi. She is definitely doing the navgraha puja. But, what is the reason for the parents to dress up and be garlanded?  I thought you would be the best person to answer.

Thanks  With lots of love.

My Answer:

The Ghari Puja used to be an announcement of the official start of wedding festivities.

Fresh water would be brought and a lot of noise was created to inform the villagers of the forthcoming wedding. The water and the noise was also meant to ward off evil spirits and also to declare that if anyone had any objections to the union they should speak now or forever hold their peace.  That day the parents would get more importance as the relatives garland the couple.

According to me it is entirely up to you, what rituals you want to do away with. According to our Scriptures the Gandharva Vivaaha consisted of only the couple garlanding each other. According to me what is most important are the vows, and the keeping of  them.