Garbha Upanishad

Unless man does all he can, to attain Godhead, the main pain that he is going to encounter after death, is that he did not attain the real objective of his life, which happens to be to realize his true Spiritual Potential.

The Garbha Upanishad is a treatise. ‘Garbha means ‘Womb’

It expounds the details of what human consciousness goes through, while it still resides in the womb, in the form of a fetus.

When the brain of the fetus forms, its active mind is more active than that of children and/or adults. The reason is that while in the womb, the fetus is not distracted by the senses, and its connection with the attractions and distractions of the outside world.

So now the soul, imprisoned within the mother, goes through physical and emotional turmoil.

He now realizes the fact that he is going to incarnate once again to go through trials and tribulations, whose main objective is that he learns through pain, to become, what he intrinsically is: An image of God!

The Garbha Upanishad states that, the fetus promises God, that he will not repeat his evil deeds. But alas! When the child is born, a force called the ‘Vaishnava Prana’ touches him, and he forgets his thoughts and prayer.

So the learning process, continues!

Arjuna in the Bhagvad Geeta asked Krishna, what happens, if man dies while putting in his effort to learn about Spiritual truths in one life?

It is heartening to note, that man, take off, from where he left off, in his spiritual efforts.

Look deep within you as you read these words, do they ring a bell? Do they sound true? Ask yourself! Your SELF will reply!