Ganpati and Desires

So Ganpati is back, into our homes and hearts!

It is believed that when He blew the conch, the Universe emerged from the sound of its Om.

Ganesh is called Sidhi-data and Vighna-harta.

One worships Ganeshji before the start of anything auspicious. He is resourceful. Ganeshji offered to write the Vedas as Ved Vyaasji dictated. But there was a condition to fulfill. Ganeshji could not stop writing…It so happened that Ganeshji’s pen broke as he wrote. Without a moment hesitation he used his broken tusk as a pen…So we hope that Ganeshji will always be there as and when an obstacle arises…

Let us imagine for a moment that we had everything that we wished for.

Would that make us, truly happy.

I truly believe that happiness is a state of mind.

I have heard a story: A man would go around wearing tight shoes, so that he could have the pleasure of feeling the relief when he removed them at night!

You don’t see the connection?

We go around being stressed until one desire is fulfilled. The moment it is, we sigh with relief. Then we ‘wear our tight shoes again’ i.e. we worry, whether that joy will not be snatched away from us, or we get obsessed with another desire.

There is nothing wrong with having desires. I am only analyzing why they are not fulfilled. And if they are, why do they not provide permanent joy?

Our desires are mostly vague. Not clear.

We believe that ‘A’ is happy in a certain position, and we wish it for ourselves. But the question is: Is ‘A’ truly happy in that position? And is that position, what we are really striving for.

So one must be really clear about what one really desires for, in life.

Some people wish fervently to be married, and a few years later they celebrate their divorce!

One must know precisely, what one will do, and how one will make that desire work for us if it comes true!

I was reading that if you were to go to an airline counter to buy a ticket, the first question that you would be asked is ‘where?’

So where will you head once your desire is fulfilled? What will you do with your life? 

If you are clear about what you really desire, and you are achieving it, without stepping on anyone else’s toes, then:

Visualize your dream. Your mind is powerful. It has the power to accomplish what you wish for. 

Christ has said: ‘Knock and the door shall open!

A Sufi Saint has said that the door was never closed…

Ganesha might already be there amongst us as the incarnation of Kaliyuga, when His name is prophesied to be Dhoomaketu.

So what are you waiting for?

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