From Sheela


Last evening I was invited at my friend’s place. There was a huge gathering and everything was really superb. So, just like so called ‘hi-fi’ parties this one also had each and every element of extravagance in it. From decoration to hostess’s outfit everything was marvelous. We all enjoyed the party at its full. But while returning home a thought struck my mind. We people while spending in our own interest never think twice, but when we have to spend for a noble cause, Jesus! we have to think again and again. Even after that we do not reach to any conclusions. So frankly, we pay for not-so-necessary expensive items, but when the question erupts for any charity, we all pretend, as we have not heard. No doubt, there are people who do a lot without letting others know. But those are only countable. If everyone, who can really afford and cut off only ten percent of its extravagance and sponsor a poor child, I think that happiness of the child can give so much satisfaction that we cannot even think of. The smiles on the face of that child will bring so much pleasure, which will be incomparable to any other pleasure gained by spending money. So let’s all only light just one little candle, and if everyone will do that there will be sparkling and smiling candles all over and then “what a bright world that would be”.

                                                       Sheela Virwani.