From Sangeeta

Dear Aunty Shakun,

This is Sangeeta (Dayal & Anita Hassaram’s daughter).  I have been receiving your inspirational messages for some time and am looking forward to hearing about people’s search for spirituality.  I am not a religious person (I don’t pray for hours like some people do) but I do believe in God.

Many years ago I lost a lot of faith in mankind and in God.  I often wondered how and why God let bad things happen to some people while others “got away” with the hurtful things they did and said.  I saw this happen not only among the Sindhis but also among my Christian & Muslim friends and their families.

A few years ago, I met a very special person  – my husband, Terry.  We spent hours talking about our philosophy on life (and still do).  We both came to the conclusion that in order to meet, we had to go through exactly everything we did before meeting.  If one thing had changed in our lives (any little event), we may never have come to that point (the second) when we met.  My whole world has changed because of Terry – my gift from God.  I have learned so much from him.  The most important lesson he taught me was to learn to “let go” of all the hurt and anger I had been carrying around.  I don’t quite know how to explain it but to put it simply – I have found peace by unloading most of the “baggage”.

Some time ago, I came across a verse that clearly explains what Terry and I feel.  “Everything you experience and every person you meet is God’s way of preparing you for the future which only He can see.”

I hope that others can gain some inspiration from this verse – it has meant a lot to me.  Now, I look at almost every event in my life as a lesson and I pay closer attention to the people around me (my husband, my family, my friends, strangers I meet at work) – everyone has something to teach me – to prepare me for my future.  As my soul has grown during the past few years, my faith in God has been restored.  The only way I can think of to thank Him is to be a positive lesson in other peoples lives.  I hope I succeed.

Take care,